RiP Mike Nesmith

No more Monkeeing around.

Was touring with Micky only a few weeks back too.


Some happy memories of their TV show as a child, r.i.p Mike Nesmith


RIP Mike. I remember as a kid dashing home on a Saturday tea time after delivering my evening paper round to get back in time for the Monkees on the TV. No TV video recorders in the those days!!!


Monkees… Rat Patrol…Thunderbirds. And Dr Who somewhere in the mix as well.


There were happy childhood memories and also some good music in there too.


Yeah The Monkees was one of the few American imports I enjoyed as a kid. That and Scooby Doo.

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I always liked Mike. His mum invented Liquid Paper and sold the rights for 40 million USD way back in the 80’s? To Gillette I think?
I enjoyed their show and some of their music as well.
RIP Mike.

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Let’s not forget his solo work “Loose Salute” “Magnetic South” and “Nevada Fighter” all excellent albums and thought to be very influential introducing many of us to country music. And what a sublime song “Rio” is.

RIP Mr Nesmith


Only just stumbled on this. Wow, very sad news.
Agree with @ChrisG - First National Band were great. I’ll play Nevada Fighter in a bit - my favourite FNB album…RIP Mike - and thanks.

Playing one of my two US copies (yep, love it that much) - fabulous.

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Strangely I have USA copies of his solo albums, bought back in the day as “cut-outs” a very low cost introduction to his wonderful music. “From A Radio Engine To The Photon Wing” (bought at full price!) worth it for the “Rio” track alone.

Yes, it seems Rio was a very popular song.
Vive le difference - apart from the slide guitar it has never been a favourite of mine. It’s OK, but I’d rather hear Mike singing Texas Morning and then the segue into Tumbleweed anyday.


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