RIP Nanci Griffith

Just heard of Nanci Griffiths passing at 68. A wonderful and gifted artist taken too young.

I was lucky enough to see her in London a few years ago. Just great.




Very sad news. I have loved Nanci’s music from a young age. She leaves behind a wonderful artistic legacy. RIP.

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Sad, no age really.


Very sad indeed. Her last dance and the Five ‘n’ Dime.

I love her voice and I’ll be playing some of her music tomorrow.

As will I. My favourite album has to be Late Night Grande Hotel. Such wonderful music. Very sad.


She was my favourite country singer by a mile - by a country mile in fact. May she drive her Ford Econoline along the Banks of the Ponchitrain for ever.


I don’t normally comment on the death of others but I own her first album There’s A Light, still not available to stream, and was obsessed back there for a while.

Saw her in the smallest clubs through to places like the Dominion but essentially gave up on her by the time of One Fair Summer Evening. Was always glad that went some way to reflecting those early gigs where she had a Badly Drawn Boy, Townes Van Zandt like ability to talk between sings for longer than the sings themselves.

An unpopular view I’m sure but I thought her subsequent material simply wasn’t that strong and was hamstrung by failed experiments (Storms) poor production and arrangements and a certain stridency and blandness which Ill-fitted given the lightness of her earlier material.

Last Of The True Believers is still one of the albums I’d start with when people tell me they can’t stomach country music.


Very sad. I was fortunate to catch her a few times in clubs around Austin decades ago.
She will be missed.

There’s a light is on Spotify which I don’t use so just bought the LP off Discogs. Looking forward to playing it.

Very sad to hear this…I first heard Nanci on a tape a US army guy had driving overnight from Lisbon to Andorra for skiing in the early nineties…great ski trip… great memories with Nanci right in there…

The track is. The album doesn’t appear to be.

Nanci Griffith. Love the stories she tells in her songs. Sadly missed. RIP


Oh how sad, another wonderful artist goes. RIP Nancy.

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I was a bit shocked to learn of Nanci’s death. Very sad news. I’ve got most of her albums and I saw her live a couple of times.


I was a big fan from when she rode the “new country” wave into the UK in the early nineties - her, Joe Ely, John Hiatt and Lyle Lovett remain firm favourites.

I remember seeing her performing “I wish it would rain” on the Johnathan Ross show. A great song and a great performance.

…I saw her in concert - I went with my mum to Bradford St George’s hall - great - and I still have a TDK gold cassette of a concert I recorded from BBC Radio 1 - when they were still interested in music.

There’s a light beyond these woods….Ford Econoline - so many great songs.

I do think she was up there with John Hiatt as a performer and a songwriter. A sad loss and no age.


Sad news. Here, she covers another. Such delicacy.


Johnny Walker is a great champion of hers. RIP.

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Yes, it was around that time I got into a lot of the artists associated with that “new country” label. Those you mention and, in addition, the likes of Steve Earle, Dwight Yoakam and Mary Chapin Carpenter. In turn this led me to Emmylou Harris, Roseanne Cash, The Byrds, Gram Parsons and many others.

I recall that the DJ, Andy Kershaw, was a big fan of Nanci’s (especially the earlier less polished material). I think I may have seen him on Whistle Test or heard him on the radio enthusing about her.


I Wish It Would Rain is a lovely song, one of my current favourites. Her orchestral album, The Dust Bowl Symphony, is absolutely superb - full of emotion and beautiful songs.


She has long been one of my favourite artists, especially her earlier albums from the 1980s. Saw her live on 3-4 occasions during that time, an exceptional voice full of power, clarity and emotion.

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