RIP Pharoah Sanders

One of the truly greats.
Thank you Pharoah for simply making my life better.
Seeing you play at the Jazz Café is a memory I’ll never forget.


Wow a big loss I’ll always remember Pharoah not for his groundbreaking style but for his beautiful traditional Ballads.

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So glad I could see him perform live in Hamburg some years ago, one of the most remarkable musical experiences ever, his music directly touches my soul.

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Always remember seeing him in a club and he finished off his set by setting of a resonance on a glass sphere which seemed to go on forever - magic. May he RIP.

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Came across this great article about Pharoah - the “best version of Karma”. I can’t link without breaching rules but you can find it with a search online.

Is it only HiFi Corner where links are forbidden?
Are links OK on this section @Richard.Dane ?

No commercial links in the Hifi Corner.

Links are usually OK here so long as they aren’t to other forums or social media sites (see forum rules).


Thanks Richard. Sorry for the trouble and ta for the amendments.

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