RIP Q Magazine

Just read of the sad demise of Q magazine which was my go to music mag for about 10 years in my younger days. It always had excellent features with an extensive review section which covered new releases and reissues and introduced me to a whole range of music I would not normally have listened to. I moved on to Classic Rock magazine more recently but Q will always be the one that I eagerly awaited to hit the local news agents


I started with Issue 1 - Annie Lennox on the cover if I remember correctly - also bought Select and Vox which we’re out at the same time right up to their demise.

Gave up on Q when it went all soppy and had serious competition from Mojo and Uncut which are my staple diet these days.

I emptied the loft last year and packed the car up with what must have been thousands of pounds worth of Q, Select and Vox mags all from issue 1 and none missing and took them to the dump!

Back in the day, I would automatically buy anything in Q with a 5-star rating. It took me a while to realise a lot of it was sh!te.

I also switched to Mojo and Uncut, but these days it’s mainly blogs, NYT and the Guardian.

Sad days for the print industry, with lots of people losing their jobs – and more carnage to come.

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