RIP Sir Bobby

Sir Bobby Charlton: England World Cup winner and Manchester United legend dies Sir Bobby Charlton: England World Cup winner and Manchester United legend dies - BBC Sport

True legend.


Very sad news. One of the true icons of this country - RIP.

What a legend indeed, a sad loss to football and family, r.i.p Sir Bobby.

A top quality player and a gentleman. RIP


Sat next to him on a flight many years ago. RIP.

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Fantastic player and a sad loss.

Probably England’s most famous football player, ever? Sad news.

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I’m afraid I think that just leaves Sir Geoff Hurst. A reminder that 1966 is now a longer time ago than I’m prepared to admit, being born before that. I had a fairly decent number of the commemorative coins which I think Esso gave out at around that time.

I once travelled up on the Snowdon Mountain Railway sitting by Gordon Banks. I didn’t realise it was him until my wife asked me why people were asking him for selfies and autographs.


I don’t particularly enjoy football but always sad to hear of a great sporting legend passing on.

RIP Sir Bobby. A true legend and gentleman.


A true gentleman, on and off the pitch.


I had a set of those Esso coins in the card holder too - no idea what happened to them. They came out at the time of Mexico '70 I think.

A lost era, alas.


Yes, I had those too.

I was only 2 when we won the World Cup, so I hardly even cheered.

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Haha a year older than me then🤣

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Still have mine although they are a bit tatty

I just put Peter Osgood the right way up


I had the 100yrs one as a child too…

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Thats the one.

Always remember asking my father to pull in to yet another Esso station just so that I could ‘score’ another coin. It would inevitably be one which I already had.


I supported Arsenal at the time and occasionally went to Highbury to see matches with an uncle who had a season ticket. I had the programs for every match of a season but those are sadly lost. Anyway Arsenal lost to Leeds :frowning:

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Bobby Charlton was my hero as a young boy, and the reason I support ManU. As everyone has said, a truly great player, and such a humble man.
True story:- I was treated to corporate hospitality at the Etihad in 2016 to watch ManC versus ManU. An hour after the game finished, we were leaving and noticed a large circle of people outside the main entrance. There were about 40 ManC supporters surrounding Sir Bobby, all patiently waiting for his autograph, which he dutifully signed until everyone had been done. I am struggling to think of another player, from any generation, where that respect, for a bitter rival’s player, would be repeated.


Matches my own experience :joy:

Anyway back on topic. Really too bad that England could not win again the World Cup again after 1966. I’m sure he would have loved to see that