Rip Sir Frank Williams CBE

A master of engineering, and a true achiever.


I’ll never forget touring Williams HQ and the staff saying that when they won, everyone - in every single role, including catering and cleaning - got a bonus. It was obvious Frank didn’t suffer fools, but he was inspirational. RIP


Wish I could have done the same Clare, that’s a lovely story.


Always our local team here in South Oxfordshire, I remember one Saturday a group of us crowded around a radio on the deli counter in Waitrose, listening to F1 qualifying and in particular H-H Frentzen going for pole.


A nice memory, I think we’ve all done something similar at some time. I thought they were always a great team because of their fighting spirit etc, even though in recent times they have not done so well, but that’s how it goes for all of the teams from time to time.

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RIP Sir Frank, great job!

I have been an F1 fan for many years. I went to my first British Grand Prix in 1967 as a young boy. I remember being at Silverstone when Keke Rosberg did his amazing lap of over 160mph average, the first time this had been done. It was a damp track and I think he must have put a brick on the throttle and just about hung on. A brave man in a great car and one without any of the modern safety features. A Williams made in the old fashioned way when Frank and Patrick were beginning to be at the height of their powers in a Workshop/garage in the back streets of Didcot. It was nothing like the size and sophistication of today’s facilities.

Sadly there is no room these days for such an operation to successfully build a winning F1 car and be a family affair. Just as Sir Frank was a one-off we will not see the like again.


Sadly, I think your last paragraph is entirely correct. Great story about Mr Rosberg too. The whole ‘Williams’ thing has been a great piece of history, and a great story, may he rest in peace!

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There is a nice video embedded in this tweet.

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That is a very nice piece of video, with great sentiments, to coin a phrase “they don’t make em like that any more”

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you must read the book written by his late wife.

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