RIP Tabby Diamond

Very sad. Tabby will be much missed.

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A tragic, senseless act. Tabby’s wonderful voice will ring out on their great songs forever. One of the greatest…RIP.

Just posted this on the What are You… thread before I saw this dedicated thread.

RIP Donald ‘Tabby’ Shaw
Thank you for some beautiful Reggae Music.

Probably not their most popular record but this was the first Mighty Diamonds record I bought at 13 or 14 years old after discovering them via The Front Line LP on Virgin. For me the very pinnacle of the Harmonic Reggae bands who bought conscious lyrics with truly beautiful vocals.

I saw them live for the last time at The Concorde 2 in 2013 with my best friend from school where we bumped into and shared a few drinks with our Secondary School P.E. Teacher.

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