Ripped Album folder missing on Star

Just ran into something interesting and wondering if anyone has experience with this.

I own a Star and thought it a good idea to backup all the ripped CD’s. So I connected, from a Windows computer, to the Star’s server IP. Here I can find the ripped CD’s under the Music > MQ folder.

However, as luck would have it, I saw two albums are missing. I can play them on the Star via the Server menu but I cannot see them in the file system.

Both these albums could not auto fetch metadata and I had to add it all by hand. And both albums has a non standard character in the album name (- and & and ä).

Has anyone encountered this and figures out how to get to these folders?

Something possibly missing in the metadata - though unfortunately I can’t suggest what! You could try examining an album ripped the same way tgat works to see if there is are tags that visible ones have that are not populated in the invisible, and populate them.

I have the same problem, but nothing to do with Star (or Naim) and with some downloaded albums not rips, and some where the software only sees half an album! I found a workaround that found the missing music, so never got around to spending time trying to fix. (As my playing software is Audirvana my workaround itself is likely to be irrelevant.) I just wish library/playing software would include a facility to browse/search and select by file structure, then these problems would all go away for anyone who has a methodical filing system in their music store.

@Innocent_Bystander thanks for the ideas. The thing is this is in Windows Explorer or Console. Even if metadata is missing it should still see the files.

It almost seems that the Naim is not exposing it as part of the file system on the network share.

Could it be that these albums are compilations? Or by Various Artists?
Might they be hiding in one of those sub-folders and not where you might ordinarily expect to find them?

Ah, I had somehow transposed your problem! That is rather more perplexing. If it was all rips I’d suggest a hidden folder. Could there be a ‘limbo’ folder for what might be seen as incomplete rips or something like that? Is Explorer set to see hidden files?

Did you try renaming the albums without using non-standard characters?

@Blythe Thanks for the idea! However finding it in the Naim app itself is not the issue.

@Innocent_Bystander Checked hidden files as well as on accessing via de Command Console and no joy. The rip is listed as complete with no errors in the Naim software.

@ChrisSU Not yet, but that is certainly something to try. It could be that the Naim file system is more restrictive than Windows in some cases.

The same applies - I have had a few albums which I could find and play using the Naim app but I couldn’t find them when looking at the folders via my computer.
They were “hidden” in another artist or compilation folder due to having a “featured artist” or “a duet” for example.
Elton John singing “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” may appear on your computer under Kiki Dee for example.

I did do a full file search through the entire repository and did not find it either. Will go an look more carefully again though.

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You will find them in the Unknown folder!! The Core is very poor in tagging and imaging!! Images are all 2-3 Mb - I’ve bought PerfectTunes from dBpoweramp - now images 200-400 kB and tags all sorted

The bottom two folders will be the missing ones!!

Got busy with other stuff so did not pay attention again but you are perfectly right!

There they are.

Weird that after adding metadata it still sits in the unknown folder. It obviously just decorates the songs in the interface using the metadata and does not actually go an rename the folder or the files.

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Yes, they use the two Naim files in each directory to store the info which is not very good hence I bought PerfectTunes to check every CD!!! I think this is dismal for a product in this price class!! Undoubtedly, I will get shouted down again but it is what it is :pensive::pensive::pensive:

As I only use the files on my Star I don’t have to much trouble with this. I only found this when I backed up the files because if I have to rerip all those CD’s if something happens to the SSD I have attached I will have a mini meltdown.

But I do agree that I also expect more. In the code it is easier to just read the metadata and apply than to move and rename the files. I guess it will be a bit of fancy footwork required as they have to support multiple file formats and the folder will be locked at that stage and so forth and so on. This is the quick and easy way out… release pressure???

Yeah, it took me about 2 months to sort it all after copying the music to NAS. Also, when you look at the images there are two problems:

  1. The images are not embedded meaning that if you use a single file independently of folder you have no image!!
  2. The file sizes are about 2-3 MB - after Perfect Tunes about 200-400Kb and they are embedded as well :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:
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