Ripped albums being stored within an album

Just ripped 300+ cd albums and singles via the star into FLAC. Most albums have been stored within the artist folder (for example David Bowie) however some albums have been placed within another album by David Bowie and not the artist - They seem to be all there but not quite in the right place. Is this easy to fix?

It might be easiest to re-rip those particular albums and make sure the meta data isn’t suggesting they’re part of a boxed set, thus placing them all together.
You can correct any glaring errors in the meta data one at a time, such as making sure “Aladin Sane” (or whatever) is actually labelled “Aladin Sane” and not part of “Five Years” for example.
Alternatively, I believe you can edit the meta data using the Star’s interface (app) and make sure the tracks and albums are correctly labelled and named.

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