Ripping a gapless recording of a cd

I have a Uniti Star and love it but my only little gripe is that you can’t seem to do a gapless recording. I have several recordings that sound funny without the continuity of the music.
Plus I feel with the latest firmware the gap between tracks has become longer.
Is there a way to fix it please

What software are you using to rip the CDs? I’ve ripped quite a few with dbPoweramp recently without this being a problem. That has been for playback on a ND5XS2 but I’d be surprised if the Star behaved differently.

I’ve been ripping from my Star.

I don’t have a Naim ripper, but use XLD which has no option for gapless ripping. I have options for gapless replay on the mconnect app I use on the iPhone. Could it be the same with the Naim app?

Well the Star brochure certainly says it supports gapless playback. Are you able to rip CDs on a computer using dbPoweramp or EAC and see if they sort the problem?

Yes I can use the computer and see if it solves it

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