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I have recently purchased a Uniti Star Naim approved re-conditioned unit, everything looks perfect however on a couple of occasions the cd briefly drops audio on both channels, more annoyingly it consistently skips the same on ripped cd’s on virtually every cd it will miss a couple of times on playback in the same place, if you re-rip the cd it frequently does the same thing but in a different place or track. No errors are recorded on the rip but it certainly is not something you would expect from a high cost hi-fi product. It sounds like a dropped connection from the cd player any suggestions would be grateful.

It sounds like your Star is falling foul of a potential bug that is being investigated by Naim. It only seems to affect some users and their machines, but it’s doubtless annoying if that happens to be you.

Until a cast iron fix is ready for release, I would suggest discussing your options with your dealer.

Thanks Richard surely this cannot be acceptable on a unit costing upwards of £3000 I can stream perfect lossless copies on an average laptop using iTunes in alac mode no problems whatsoever. The cd drive in the naim is an off the shelf unit almost identical to most front loading cd players. But thanks for the advice I will contact my dealer.

It’s only a potential issue for a small number of users and then only with a small handful of rips - everything else should be working perfectly, so if you have issues elsewhere then it may indicate some other fault.

If it’s a Naim-approved refurb and its defective, it should go back to the seller or Naim, n’est-ce pas ?

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New units have the same fault, it’s nothing to do with being a preloved unit.

Several forum members have had 2 or more Star all with same fault.

Understood. But whatever the issue is, its under warranty (new/pre-owned) so the monkey is on NAIM’s shoulders.

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