Ripping CDs but missing titles

I use dbpoweramp to rip my cds but when I play them back information is missing on the screen. What am I doing wrong?

In dBpoweramp settings (bottom left corner) you have probably got the naming line incorrectly set. I have mine set to Album Artist\Album\TrackNum Artist - Title

Mine is set as: [album artist]/[album]/[track] [artist] - [title]
I’ve looked at the properties under (naming set), which has a few ifvalues which confuses me when trying to change the properties … Is there a trick to rewriting the naming string?

You look to have it set correctly (same as mine)
The IF values I see the Naming profile is set by the Naming popup select line, don’t change anything… My Dynamic Naming is set as [IFVALUE]album artist,[album artist],[IFCOMP]Various Artists[][IF!COMP][artist][][][album][track] [artist] - [title]

If this doesn’t work, try resetting back to dBp default, if you can’t do that then delete the program & reinstall as a new install (you can do that many time over as you have bought the licence) Or why not ask the question on dBpoweramp forum, Mr Spoon has all the answers & normally responds very quickly

Was the online metadata retrieval successful when you ripped the CD? Is the info visible outside of the Naim app?

Thanks Mike-B. I’ll the dynamic naming. Mr Spoon has been helpful in the past but this problem has been plaguing me for some time unresolved.

The Metadata are fine - I think Mike-has hit upon the solution if I can get the naming string correct…

What upnp server software are you using? Asset?

Morning GavinB
Ripping in dbpoweramp means that Asset is always there but I find Twonky my preferred software. This is because it is populated with my music. I find that Asset and Minim take too long to load album covers. My music selections are often driven by association with the covers.

That’s not my experience with Asset - I open the Naim app and navigate through the structure. All the album covers are there (and load pretty much instantaneously).

There is, of course, a bit of work to do to ensure the album artwork is there in the first place, but I’m sure that’s no different for Twonky.

From lots of previous posts Twonky seems to be viewed as having various quirks, but Asset is seen as far more robust (and I agree with that part).

(The only element it would be nice to have more control over is the album cover is uses to represent an (album) artist.)

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Update: too busy to sit down and sort this out these last few days but am expecting some new cds today (a little birthday treat). News of any progress to follow …

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Thanks ChrisSU - all fine with the metadata I think the naming string was set up badly.

Good to hear you’re getting to the botton of the problem. Happy Birthday!

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Thanks - I’ll tried not to over indulge… but it’s difficult

If that is the case, you need to go dig into the server OS or something, that to me is saying something is very wrong. Asset (beta) cover art loading is instant on my Synology & it was the same a while back when I had Minimserver.

Interesting… ripped a couple of cds this afternoon
Still having problems with dbpoweramp - this time instructions from naming string showed up in the rip, changed the string and went back to missing info. So will contact Spoon…

Reinstalled dbpoweramp
Everything tickety boo - thanks all for your help

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