Ripping SACD to WAV


I’m about to get hold of an Oppo SACD / Blu-ray player, and venture into some SACD discs.

I wonder whether it’s possible to rip SACD to WAV, so that I can use my HDX to serve the resultant rip to my ND 555, and have so far come across TRAX SACD extractor.

Anyone able to recommend the best software to do this, and is there a resultant loss in quality in doing so?

Sony PlayStation 3 used to be the way to rip SACDs! IIRC they went to DSD files, then convertible to anything else.

Try this…

It can be done now without looking all over for an old PS3. It looks feasible and considerably less hassle than it used to be. If I had SACDs I would be giving this a try. I don’t have many DSD files, but I like what I hear. And you can convert them to PCM.

Which is, in fact, what a Naim DAC or streamer will do to them anyway when you play them.

Here is an excellent resource for how to rip your SACD’s.

I purchased a very inexpensive Sony S5100 Blu-ray player off eBay and ripped my entire SACD collection to .dsf hi-res format. I loaded to my Core and stream to my Nova. Sounds great.


Just done the same using a £60 Sony player off eBay, and ripped the dozen or so SACDs I’ve acquired from charity shops over the years. The .dsf files sound great on the Core. But strangely they won’t play via upnp on my MusoQB (well some play but are almost inaudible even with the volume is turned right up). Anyone know why that might be?

As far as I know, the QB does not support DSD, which is more or less what a ripped SACD is, so I would guess that’s why you can’t get it to pay.

Jammin, DSF files should work on UPNP. It works on my NDX/NDX2.

Straightforward answer - thanks - which means nothing’s wrong. No shortage of other stuff to play on the QB!

With PS3 I got DSD ISOs, I had to use an extraction program to create DSDIFF files, which J River MC can convert to DSF, FLAC, WAV and other formats. I store these in DSF as it easy to tag and I can convert these on the fly if necessary.

If you use Chord M Scalar DSF are converted to PCM. You can go direct to DAVE, which has DSD Plus mode. My Linn DSM plays them too and it must convert them to PCM as Space Optimisation could not work otherwise.

If you use J River MC or MinimServer then it will transcode to PCM on the fly to a format suitable for your QB.

Thanks for this Marty. I tried this a few years ago with a Pioneer BDP-170 I picked up cheaply on ebay but had no joy with the method discussed on Computer Audiophile at the time. This time around it worked on the first go and I have already ripped a dozen or so SACDs and hybrids without any issues.
Absolutely brilliant.

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Yes, but only early unlatched ones.

…or use dbpoweramp’s Conversion programme to convert copies of your DSFs to PCM…

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