Ripping to NAS rather than HDX local

I have a much loved 2008-vintage HDX with an attached Netgear Ready NAS (2 x 2TB) to give it more storage room. All working fine for years until one day the HDX failed (all power gone). Naim repaired and serviced the HDX and it’s as good as new, except now when I rip a disk it goes to HDX local drive not the NAS (as previously). This is not an urgent problem, since I still have some local disk space remaining, but how do you set up the HDX to route new rips to the NAS? I’ve tried using the n-serve app on my Macbook and setting the NAS as a store and making it priority 1 (over the local drive 2), but the rips still go locally. I’m clearly doing something silly. Any ideas?

Hi, instead of using N-Serve, I would try the front panel display. Alternatively, if you prefer, use the browser interface which you access by entering the HDX IP address into any browser window. They are essentially the same.
Do you have a copy of the manual? This explains how to promote your preferred music store to the top of the list.

It’s on page 14…

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Perfect! That worked a treat. Peculiarly, when i went in via the IP route (my HDX has no screen) the NAS was indeed already top of the music store list (as set in n-serve) but by moving it down, then up again the HDX started playing ball with a new rip. Not sure why it didn’t work before with n-serve but, frankly, I don’t care. Thanks a bunch!

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Glad you have it working. It always strikes me as a bit odd that a number of functions look like they should work in N-Serve, but don’t.
HDX with no screen? That’s a new one on me.

Yeah. It was a variant Naim offered if you just preferred to use the app. Slightly cheaper as I recall. Thanks again!

That must be the NS01 if I recall correctly?

Yes, think you are correct.

Please note that the NS01 and the HDX are two different machines, the latter has a better DAC/ analogue output section …

Possibly, i’m not sure. The innards of my own box have all been upgraded by Naim a couple of times during servicing. That said, ten years on, my machine now is basically just a ripper: the DAC / analogue parts of the path are all offboard using other kit in my set up now. Regardless, for the time it was a great component.

Yes that’s right. The NS01 was designed as part of the NaimNet multiroom range, whereas the HDX was a fully fledged stand alone ripper, server, source to be added to a standard hifi system.

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