RJ11 to Rj11 Shielded Broadband cable (3m)

Where could I buy decent broadband cable to connect my BT socket in the wall to the router (I use a BT Router). Note this is NOT the Ethernet cable. Thanks

What’s wrong with the existing cable ?

It’s just normal telephone extension cable, flat and un shielded. I am not aware of an issue with it. I thought if I had a better cable it may improve audio performance when streaming.

Very doubtful. I’d just stick with the supplied cable between the Modem/Router and wall socket.

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I have so called higher performance RJ11’s, it’s a twisted pair type cable, the usual stnd cable is parallel pair. As for shielded/screened cable I’m not that exists.
I’ve found you don’t get that much, if any, improvement with a “better” RJ11, I can’t say the cable bandwidth is better, a Broadband line test doesn’t show a measurable difference, for sure I don’t hear any difference.

I don’t see how it could improve anything to do with audio quality. It’s not even connected to your streamer.

If the current one works just leave it in place.


I have just found one online. 1STec 3M ADSL2+ Super High Speed Cat5e RJ11 Broadband Hub Internet Extension Cable for BT Infinity. Higher Quality Round Twisted Pair cable with Gold Plated pins, shielded.

The data for streaming comes into the house via the telephone line to the junction box in the house. This cable connects that box to the router. So yes it does transmit the data that is streamed. Having a shielded cable should prevent interference etc.

If you wanted to you could get Blue Jeans Cables. They are fan favorites around here.

Are you also going to break into your ISP’s data center and replace miles of cable there, as well as your streaming provider’s CDN in some Amazon data center, and miles and miles of underground cable in-between?

They are freaking digital cables. They work for banking, global manufacturing, remote surgery, connected science projects all around the globe, and whatnot, without losing bits.

(And note that regarding Ethernet, shielded cables with connected shields are a bad idea. They are meant for data centers and they introduce the one thing that can really cause trouble in home networks for audio, i.e. ground loops)

OK, try it, it won’t do much, but you might have fun in the process.
The screen cannot be grounded as Openreach & the various ISP devices don’t support it, so any screen is just that, an open ended screen.

Ok get it. So you believe it makes no difference what cable I have, how long it is and that it would not be affected by being close to power cables.

Thanks Mike. I have ordered one now anyway it cost less than £10. It probably will make no difference from the sounds of it but I will know I bought the best one I could😀

Thanks Opus. I have just ordered one. I will have a look at that company you suggested

Knock yourself out but this is what it looks like in the data center where the data is coming from:


Pink ones being the fastest.

They have the inside racing line and are hitting the apex of the corner

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The violet cables are fastest, the blue end of the light spectrum is 750 THz, the red end is only 380 THz.
The pink data stream will make it faster around the tighter inside line, but the violet will easily catch & pass on the straight.

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You got it Holmes!

Seriously though, just use the one that comes with the modem and buy a few beers to enjoy when listening to your favourite tunes :partying_face:


I Recall MyMateVince did an article this where he explains that the very flat freebie cable can be low quality, and be easily effected by RFI. On his tests he did get an improvement on speed.

Of course, with faster speed now available, the freebie may now be adequate. As a precaution I did change mine by buying one from ebay “1m CAT6 Premium White Broadband Internet Router DSL Cable RJ11 - RJ11 Plug”, but haven’t noticed any difference. Careful though as there are some dodgy cable available there.