RME adi > Naim Nova for USB - RME effect Nova sound?

Hello all, Im new to the audio world and even newer to naim.

I got my nova a few days ago and really am just blown away how great it sounds. Daily i will use it as a stereo streamer/amp and then move it to my desk for a headphone amp (LCD4) for work.

My question is, if i use the a toppings dx7s or RME adi - 2 fs DAC and preamp into the naim nova will the Toppings or RME effect or change the sound out of the naim? I would assume NO but i would love some other opinions.

My main reason for doing this is for the computer i use and plugging a tablet into the DAC that preamps out. Thanks!!

You using a different DAC stage so there may will be some subtle changes, also that analogue inputs on the Nova are digitised again as all analogue inputs do this to allow for Multiroom. What do you want to play from the tablet or pc that you can’t already on the Nova? You can send most things via Chromecast to the Nova from a Tablet without the need for a DAC same goes for a PC.

So I made a mistake in my question that I realized right after I posted but I could not change.

What I meant was, If I run from digital out out of the back of the RME (coax) and use digital in on the nova is that just sending the data and using the RME as just a port hub or does it effect the sound.

Sorry I know this is a super weird and odd question. Im pretty sure the answer is yes but I thought I would ask.

I use a surface studio as a pc and it has no optical outs, only usb and from what my untrained eye can see no usb b

I don’t think your Dac has a digital out? That coaxial connection is a digital in connection.

I don’t know if the RME ADI-2 has a digital output, or Perhaps I am mistaken?

hello all, deeply sorry i have been working 16 hour days the past 2 weeks and i think i hit my mental end… NOT the RME the coax out from the Toppings dx7s.

Sorry about that.

If you have a digital-out (fiber or coax) into the Nova, it should sound about the same, when having the Nova itself pull digital content.
Unless you apply some equalizer or other effects on the device, before sending it to the digital out, of course.

No need to apologize :grinning:

I don’t think using your topping like that would change sound quality, at least theoretically.

Why not give it try and see how you go?

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Not sure why the dx7 has a digital out, it’s only use would be if it has an ADC in it but it doesn’t to my knowledge. Most odd.

Conversion between digital transports? Like USB-Coax, Optical-Coax?
Not the main purpose of the device, but added flexibility or when used in environments with different input/output devices?

Hello, my studio surface only has usb out the back and i want to plug into the nova, so the toppings is just a USB hub in a sense.

meetings, music, youtube etc… when im not using it as a stereo.

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I will be mainly using the headphone jack when its in this setup.

No worries, its always interesting to me to hear of different approaches.

I too, doubt if it would change the sound.

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