Road Trip, Suggestions

My wife and I are lucky enough to be in the UK mid June. We have a few days in London and have a spare 3 or 4 days, as most of the forum seem to be British (assumption) I was hoping someone might have some suggestions on a road trip. The south coast is somewhere that’s interests us as both of us.

Salisbury would be a good base for a few days, lots of history and beauty in those parts and a hi fi place to boot.

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I’d have to keep the “hi fi” part of that a secret, and just play dumb when I stumbled on that. Coincidence :hugs:

We’ve based ourselves in Wiltshire our last two visits. Lots of good day trips in that area from Salisbury to Bath or north to the Cotswolds. Norwich, northwest of London, is great. Also Oxfordshire. You can’t go wrong really.

If all you fo is the south coast you’ll be missing out on much beauty. Try the south west of Wales (the Gower) for example. Takes you through so,e beautiful country as described above.

The Cotswolds are nice imo, stayed a few times at the Cotswold water park hotel, there are many hotels in the area though.

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Devon and Cornwall via Bristol - the best city and lovely coast and countryside.

Or find a typical old Cotswolds cottage to stay in on Airbnb rather than a hotel

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By staying in the south youre mising the best bits of our wonderful Uk. ie Stratford, York, peak district,lake district, Yorkshire dales plus if you have time the west coast of Scotland.Need I go on.

Just checked that out, looks interesting. Could we do that comfortably in 4 days?

Yes I probably will but we only have e or 4 days. I’d rather see something well than just drive through

3 or 4 days & south coast is more or less self planning for my tastes
Portsmouth - The old navy dockyard is a huge multi-building museum of British navy. Evening at Gunwharf Quay for eating etc.
Drive to New Forest, easy slow driving, nature, scenery, small towns nice walks.
Studland, Swanage, beach, easy coastal walks, scenery. Corfe Castle, Lulworth Cove, Jurassic Coast, Weymouth.
Salisbury, Cathedral, a small insignificant hifi company, Stonehenge & back to London.


The small insignificant HiFi company does not normally open its doors for individual forum members who happen to be nearby. I remember a thread in the old forum where someone was flying in from North America but Naim wouldn’t organise any sort of demo or tour. So if you are planning to go to Salisbury and hope to do more than look at the outside of the building, this will need prepping well in advance.

No didn’t really have any plans to call into said hi fi company, but thanks for the heads up

Yes I really should have made that clear - apologies for not doing so.

Hi Pete, London to Bristol is about 2 hour drive; Bristol to Devon 2 hours; Devon to Cornwall 1-2 hours depending where you go. Not too bad for time at the wheel as most of the big miles can be done on motorways.

No probs, thanks anyway

If you had longer maybe, but you would spend a good 5 hours or so getting there, and same back to London.

2 hours is nothing for us, I live 1 and 1/2 out of Sydney and travel there a few times a week. Thanks, got some homework to do now. Cheers.

I see you’re from Australia and I’m not sure when you last visited Great Britain but in the days when little Cliffy Richard was No 1 in the pop charts driving over here was a joy.

Now no one in their right mind would drive for pleasure, a road trip in the UK - you’re having a ‘bubble bath’ - miles of traffic jams (someone above mentioned big miles on motorways - try big delays on motorways) and when you get to where you’re going probably three hours later than you planned there is the parking… - well I rest my case.

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