Robb Report Recommendations

Not a Naim in sight!

I don’t know what or who Robb is or pretends to be, so I don’t give a flying duck about this apparently extraordinary revelation.


It’s the premium publication for the ultra wealthy, stuffed with ads and reviews for exotic cars, mega-yachts, fancy watches, cigars and over priced fashion.
I think it interesting what is being recommended to clueless, wealthy, aspiring audiophiles.

Oh, I see, I’m clearly not on their radar.

But now I understand that it’s just a cynical device to separate the ultra-wealthy from their not-so-hard-earned. They should just go straight to the Statement pages of the Naim product range, and maybe shell out a bit more folding to jump the queue for a Solstice.

That said, I see a QUAD ESL57 there, so his taste can’t be all in his mouth. I wonder where he recommends going to to buy that. I hope that he’s sending the well-orff in the direction of my chum Manfred Stein in Gering, Germany.

Ah… for the 45%-ers… :wink:

Well, the EAR Acute and 534 deserve mention. My 534 was displaced by my 300DR, but only when using SBLs.

Really, how dare he?!!

Interestingly, there is another forum that thinks of us Naim owners in those terms. :joy:


If you think that’s bad, you should see their choice of luxury yachts and private jets!!!

Dan D’Agostino is local to me. If Naim doesn’t produce a 272 replacement I may end up going that route. Their integrateds are supposed to be pretty great.

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