Roger Federer Retirement

Roger Federer has announced he will retire later this month. His record speaks for itself.


I am sure he will have an extremely comfortable one.


Utter genius. interesting times for tennis

I sadly didn’t cotton onto Federer’s brilliance until much later in his career.

Interesting times ahead.

Didn’t see the final but Alcaraz seems the up and coming new talent.

Well deserved too!

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I think that Federer was the most naturally gifted player that I have ever had the pleasure to watch (only on TV, sadly). He played in some of Wimbledon’s greatest ever finals.

Sadly, he probably played on for slightly longer than was wise or necessary.


Graham quite possibly but sport is littered with those who quit too early only to attempt a comeback. But as you say, to watch him play.

Great player and gentlemen, however I thought he had already retired.

Well injuries had limited his appearances since Jun 21.

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