Roger Waters - Dark Side of the Moon Redux

And there is a new LOTR film in production , like Pink Floyd/ W they are mining deep into the back catalogue

Gave it a second listen last night; it was even worse.


Made me laugh. :grinning:

It sounds great on vinyl and is a very good companion to the original record - anyone comparing it to the original is missing the point….

The atmosphere of the venue comes through in a delightful way.

Side 4 is a bit of a wasted opportunity but if you like the album the vinyl is well worth it.



I believe it’s an animated film though Ian of course I’ll watch it but I’m not a great lover of animated films.

What is on side 4?

I’ve listened to it 4 or 5 times on Qobuz and it’s really grown on me. Needs a proper listen to get the most out of it I think.
Interesting video with RW sharing his thoughts on the album in this article. (Apologies if someone has posted it already)


I am listening to it now for about the 10th time - bought it after liking it on qobuz. Really enjoying it and I think it is currently my fave album

For some reason I have never quite been convinced by the original - keep thinking I should like it more than I do. Perhaps I need a decent vinyl pressing…


The only issue with the original is listening fatigue with being played so much but I always come back to it - it’s an all time classic!

I’m really enjoyed this version from Roger.

I see the 50th box set is now down to £189 - I have no need for it (I have early pressings / Japanese pressings etc. and the experience box set) but find my self wanting it!