Roger Waters - Dark Side of the Moon Redux

And there is a new LOTR film in production , like Pink Floyd/ W they are mining deep into the back catalogue

Gave it a second listen last night; it was even worse.


Made me laugh. :grinning:

It sounds great on vinyl and is a very good companion to the original record - anyone comparing it to the original is missing the point….

The atmosphere of the venue comes through in a delightful way.

Side 4 is a bit of a wasted opportunity but if you like the album the vinyl is well worth it.



I believe it’s an animated film though Ian of course I’ll watch it but I’m not a great lover of animated films.

What is on side 4?

I’ve listened to it 4 or 5 times on Qobuz and it’s really grown on me. Needs a proper listen to get the most out of it I think.
Interesting video with RW sharing his thoughts on the album in this article. (Apologies if someone has posted it already)


I am listening to it now for about the 10th time - bought it after liking it on qobuz. Really enjoying it and I think it is currently my fave album

For some reason I have never quite been convinced by the original - keep thinking I should like it more than I do. Perhaps I need a decent vinyl pressing…


The only issue with the original is listening fatigue with being played so much but I always come back to it - it’s an all time classic!

I’m really enjoyed this version from Roger.

I see the 50th box set is now down to £189 - I have no need for it (I have early pressings / Japanese pressings etc. and the experience box set) but find my self wanting it!



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Thanks for re-opening, Richard!

I have now listened to this properly a number of times, and it has grown on me. A lot.
I am not sure how well the spoken bits will stand the test of time, but they certainly resonate with me at present. Musically it is an interesting - and very enjoyable- interpretation. It will never surpass the original, but that is irrelevant and probably not the point: it stands alongside it, the same but different, definitely enriching. Maybe because RW was/is a bassist, the bass is prominent in a way that I think enhances and adds enjoyment.


Completely agree IB, it a really atmospheric and arguably an esoteric offering but it hits the spot for me.

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Agreed - I am also a bassist which is maybe partly why I like it so much? Am still enjoying very much when I listen

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I avoided it based on the severity of some of the negative feedback but gave it the first listen this morning whilst in the gym and on the bike and I really warmed to it, in some ways reminded me of Tindersticks, Chocolate. That track on first listen drew me in with its meandering narrative and just found myself engrossed in the story, this had a similar feel.

Giving it a second listen in the house as I work and finding it nice background music, could easily see myself chilling to this very late at night.

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