Roger Waters - Mother


“Lol” at 2 mins
There are some excellent recordings coming out in these days of lockdown.



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An announcement from me. And when I mention the @pinkfloyd website, I also mean the Facebook page and all the rest.

— Roger Waters (@rogerwaters) May 19, 2020

Rog re-ignites the Floyd wars! Watching this video, he does have a point I think.


Thanks for that, made my morning and perhaps my whole day!

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I think Rog + Dave need their heads banging together as my mum used to say when us kids were squabbling!


As long is we never lose his cynicism of the ruling classes, god forbid we still challenge it, we will be ok.

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Blimey - and we thought some forum threads were getting a bit lairy recently. Handbags at ten paces etc.

Someone seemed to have the power-washer on in the background too, as if to add to the tone of suburban surreality.


Thanks Count, brilliant performance.

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Excellent thanks for the heads up.

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I think he made his bed with the way he behaved during the final years of the band. Gilmour simply decided enough was enough and, despite the olive branches, wanted nothing more to do with him (Live 8 notwithstanding). It’s a pity it’s come to public sniping, somewhat undignified.


Taking a “pop” at Gilmour,s wife Polly seals the fate of that idea Roger. As good as he is musically he does seem to be his own worst enemy.


Great song and a wonderful musician.

I had sort of hoped that as he got older, he would let go of some of his anger and negativity, but he seems intent on taking all his wounds with him to the grave.


Yep they can’t kiss and make up.

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Sad old man. I think DG probably does well to keep him at arm’s length.


I think it takes two, as they say.

Personally I prefer Waters’ music - and very much like it - but it would be better without the other side of things. However it seems that is often the way with artists when they fall out, PF original members by no means being unique, and time doesn’t always seem to heal.
Perhaps it goes with the territory, the creative temperament. I’m not sure he’s a sad old man, rather an angry old man! (But people observing indeed may feel it is sad.)


Indeed, the video epitomises RW imo

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I really don’t listen to Pink Floyd anymore (I have all the records) - but having said that I really quite like DG’s last 2 records - and if they had come our under the Pink Floyd moniker - would we have known any different?

What RW is doing here is highly divisive - ie trying to make the fans join either the RW or the DG camps because of that huge chip on his shoulder. That is unforgivable.


Me too, I much prefer Waters solo work. I like DG but think he struggles with lyrics, it’s obvious in all the post Waters PF albums. But I do wish they’d sort it out, think both are acting like spoilt kids.


Sad… I was at The O2 the night David Gilmour appeared atop the wall to perform Comfortably Numb at Roger’s performance of The Wall.

The surviving members of Floyd all joined up on stage at the end.

Memorable stuff.