Roger Waters - Mother

11/5/11 at the O2. I was there too


Great that RW video! Some of those looks to camera are epic.

Yeah… great night… all this acrimony is just a real shame…


agree totally IB

Here he is again, performing The Final Cut’s closing number, “Two Suns In The Sunset”:


Thanks Kev, that’s brilliant. And great backing vocals.


And now he’s released Vera/Bring The Boys Back Home


@TheKevster best track on the ablum which is somewhat forgotten in the back catalogue, and I have to say me Inc - played it a few times after watching this - Not a great fan of Not now John

Indeed. It’s on my top 3. :+1:

now replayed at lot, I had almost forgotten it or over looked it - it’s certainly more PF than Endless river which is not one of the bands best, but accept that it was prob RW first solo Album albiet under the PF name

Eard once. Never again. It’s a blender of trash from Division Bell.

I rather invest time earing Obscured by Clouds. :wink:

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