Roger Waters - The Lockdown Sessions

A collection of re recordings of PF and RW songs. At least some (all??) have been released individually over the last few years. Anyway, sounding great to me - stripped back to reveal more vulnerability and a greater emotional connection with the listener (to my ears!). Some would say RW has never been a great singer, but as he’s gotten older his voice certainly seems to have become more textured and I love it.


Not much use to me, as they can’t be bought on LP or CD.

I’d have liked to be able to hear them, as Roger Waters is always interesting, despite (or maybe because of) his tortured soul.

Got this on now. Recording quality is excellent and only a few mins into “Mother”.

Fingers-crossed it’s released on vinyl.

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Another argument in favour of streaming?!

However, not true if you have a computer with CD writer: you can download and burn to CD.

Any sign of escape yet from your unwilling incarceration?

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I’m not even going to think about streaming or downloading stuff from the computer - far too difficult even to think about!

No, still looking for a handy tunnel, or means of digging one.

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Graham, I know your previous occupation , but I think you need a specialist lawyer or advocate .

I have everything legally and physically crossed for you .

best wishes


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Let us know where you are- we’ll form an escape committee and we’ll spring ya!


Yes, already suggested - I’m sure possible. Or at least let us know where to sent the spade and trousers with soil bags in the legs…

Unbelievable, most concerning.

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Anyway, I’m enjoying the album and it’s very well recorded, drawing you into the stripped back, but still rocky, renditions.


I remember first seeing these on his YouTube channel. Fantastic version of ‘Two suns…’. Definitely watch the videos too if you haven’t already.


Had a listen on my iPhone on Friday and that stripped down style suits how his voice is now. I hope he does a new album in that style.



Had a proper listen last night and it’s really growing on me. Especially Comfortably Numb, which on first listen (via my phone and AirPods) I was not massively impressed with, but cranked up through the Nova, it builds to a really nice finish. I’m currently experimenting with a sub, which probably helps too!


Always been an admirer of RW. I think we think in similar ways. Except he is a true and everlasting genius and I am very definitely nothing of the sort. Love this. Yes videos add to the audio experience of a really well recorded album. Thank you Mr Rogers.

I’ve enjoyed the RW tracks I heard on YouTube, but I’m not in the slightest bit interested in streaming.
C’Mon Roger. Do it properly. Get them out on vinyl. :wink:


Oh man! Comfortably numb as the closing track is just epic.


I agree. A rendition of the great track that grows on me the more I listen to it. At first I couldn’t get my head around Gilmour’s guitar solo being absent. Not anymore!!


I think it works really well with the voices, reminiscent of The Great Gig in the Sky.

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Totally agree. For me, in a darkened room, with the stereo cranked up it’s just so… visceral.

It’s grown on me a lot!


Still waiting for any news of LP or CD issues. Streaming won’t happen.