Roksan Caspian M2 CD

Ok people, I recently received a gently used Caspian M2 CD player to listen to the other 1/2 of my music, other 1/2 is Vinyl. The sound is very good, I’m really surprised at the quality! There is a considerable drop in Bass, however, it has allowed me to enjoy all those CDs that have Live recordings that don’t exist on Vinyl (new represses/releases). Once again Steve Thorne of HiFiFoFum Toronto Ont delivers a stellar piece of equipment that has delivered on quality sound! This guy has revolutionized my system with a new Rega Planar8, NACA5 speaker cable & other Sonic suggestions that has me floating in my music room! (without chem enhancements, lol). So amazed & happy with this System now; Naim Nait XS 2, Rega Planar8, Lehmann Black Cube phono pre, Roksan Caspian M2, Vandersteen C2e’s, Arcam irDac ll. This guy is Awesome, can’t say enuf about Mr. Thorne!! Dean

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Thanks for the info about HiFiFoFum, I was not aware that there is a Kudos dealer in Toronto. Do you know if he has the Titan 505’s at his location, and is there a showroom/demo room?

I think he just recently sold a pair of Titan T 808’s to someone. Very knowledgeable guy & can’t find a nicer person. Dean

Yes, there is a showroom, best to contact him. I’m not supposed to put contact info in posts, no problem though, you can find him online. D

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