Roksan Sara Tonearm; any experience?

I’m about to embark on an upgrade cycle on my LP12. I bought it new less than 2 years ago and I wasn’t sure at the time of purchase how much I’d use it. For that reason I didn’t go for broke on initial spec, but I am loving listening to my old (and new) Vinyl and having recently sold a few guitars to raise necessary funding I wish to improve it cost effectively.
Power supply has already been upgraded and maxed out, so…
Current spec is Klimax Radikal, Kore, Roksan Nima, DV10x5, Stageline run from Aux2 on my 552.

I don’t think I have the funds or the inclination to go as far as Keel, Ekos (pretty sure I prefer unipivots anyway) or expensive and fragile top end Cartridges, so this is very likely my final investment in Vinyl to get a TT to last the rest of my hearing capabilities…
My thoughts are that the areas where money was initially saved and therefore the potential weak points are the
and phono stage.

I’ve discussed options with my dealer(Peter) and will visit him in February to audition, but one left-field (for me) option raised is upgrading the Nima to a Roksan Sara, a 2019 launched development/version of the Audio Origami Unipivot. I will be listening to this vs ARO and other possibilities , but just wondering if anyone on the forum has experience of the Sara or Audio Origami arms?


I have a Sara tonearm fitted to a Roksan Xerxes x, ortofon cadenza red cartridge, naim 82/ hicap/250, Linn Ninka speakers. I found it an easy arm to fit (using the manual and Audio Origami video). Compared to my Tabriz zi, more detailed, more bass and has a more ‘open’ sound. In summary music is even more enjoyable.


I would try and compare an Aro with the Ekos. You might need a new Kore too depending on your choice. The Ekos works well on a Kore which is what I did before getting a Keel. Peter might have a Javelin in his parts box that might be worth a try too. No experience of the Sara.

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Thanks Duna. Good to hear the Sara works well for you. Did you compare Sara with the Nima by any chance? I ask as I currently have a Nima, so that will be my reference point in the auditions.

Thanks Stuart. I will audition ARO and Ekos, though the latter may be too pricey for my budget, but we’ll see. ARO’s are increasingly scarce, so will have to see if it is really practical, hence thoughts of the Sara. Javelins are even rarer birds it seems!
I’m in Leicester in 2 1/2 weeks time for some listening. I will report back afterwards!


If you go for ARO, getting the LP12 Keeled and then followed up with a Radikal gets you a serious piece of kit. Well worth it !

Sorry, I’ve never heard the Nima, A definite upgrade on the Tabriz zi and the Rega 250. Another consideration at the time was a PU7 ( a bit over my budget though) but as I had a Roksan turntable the Sara seemed the obvious choice. Hope this helps a bit

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I can’t comment on the arms you mention, except to say that I recently moved from a RB600 to an SME IV on my Gyrodec and the difference between a reasonably good arm and a ‘super’ arm left me astonished! I was also going to suggest the Ittock (perhaps secondhand) as another worthy contender if it enables you to spend more on either the phono stage and the cartridge - particularly because I think you do need to go above the level of a 10x5 even to justify something of the level of an Ittock never mind an Ekos or an ARO.

I have heard (no personal experience) the Stageline is reckoned to be very similar to the internal 523 boards in terms of quality and if that is the case then I think you would benefit by investing in something better. I’ve just moved from 523 boards in my NAC82 to a Trichord Dino and Never Connected power supply and while it took a few days to come on song it is clearly far superior in terms of transparency, detail retrieval and dynamics than the naim boards. The naim boards are astonishingly good for the price but the Dino is in another league (as it should be given the price!)

Better cartridges I would be considering include AT-OC9, Hana ML, AT Art 9, Dynavector D17DX- from roughly £500-£1000.

The biggest difficulty is auditioning all possible options but good luck!


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