Roksan to Linn via VPI & MoFi decks

I’m heading towards a Linn deck and I’d like to know general or even more specific thoughts about the specifications of the LP12 I’m auditioning soon.

Brief recent context: I bought an Ortofon Cadenza Red MC for my Roksan 5 about a year ago, and I thought it was an excellent step up from my Golding 2400 MM. I also purchased shortly after that a Vertere Phono 1 preamp. Superb addition.

More recently I’ve home demoed a VPI Prime & a MoFi Ultra Deck (the former with my Cadenza, the latter with Master Tracker MM). Both decent but not such an improvement on the Radius 5.

The Roksan is going to a family member soon, and I have decided, perhaps rather rashly, to go with an LP12. It’s going to have the Basik arm, the Hercules power supply and the Trampolin upgrade. . . so far!

I’ll be asking the dealer to fit the Cadenza cart and then, for now, that’s it.

I have a budget to make some modifications quite soon, but obviously, I’m only going to do so once I’ve got it home and I’ve had a while to set a base line for performance, and in comparison to the Radius 5.

Thoughts, advice welcome. I think!

Without a budget being mentioned the world is your lobster. :wink:

I’d avoid anything too old or with a Basik arm.

This is not a ‘new’ LP12 then…?

Do you mean the Basik arm - which version…?

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No, it’s an old one, not sure yet of precise vintage - will ask when I’m there demo-ing.

It’s the Basik arm, yes. Not the plus.

So, the LV-V, not the LV-X…?

This one -

At the time it was considered the rough equal of the Rega R200, which was what I had. Its no more than a Get You Going arm, TBH. You could do a lot better now… Such as a modern Rega.

No, from the pic he’s sent me, it’s not an S-shaped, but a straight one. Will be viewing it tomorrow.

Linn LV-X :


A bit better, maybe… But any arm of this age, with unknown history, is a risk… IMO

Ittoks are a safer bet. Or the Jelco-made Linn Majik arm is very good value and would be much younger.


Ah, thanks. I appreciate this good information.

I’m taking a risk in not really knowing too much as yet about the provenance of what I might be buying.

I’m reading a lot and I’m trying to familiarise myself with the varying permutations of each component.

Thoughts. Do you like the Roksan sound? If so why not a Xerxes?

Hi Charles, does your Radius 5 have the Nima arm? IMO, the Nima is a low priced marvel and a mega bargain on an LP12. I’d strongly advise you try your Nima on the LP12 if it’s feasible.

Yes, it does have the Nima arm, and I would like to try it on the LP12.
Thanks for the suggestion.

Yes, I do really like the Roksan sound, and as such, the Xerxes would be a great pathway.


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Hi Charles, If the arm is the LV-X as posted by IanRobertM, then IIRC it was roughly as good as the Rega RB250 of the day. In other words, decent. Your dealer should be able to check it for sticking bearings.

As you perhaps know from your reading, Linn lore has it that the arm and cart are the least important parts of the record player. And that the competence of the person doing the set up is probably most important factor of all.

Good luck and please keep us updated.

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Hi Chris,

That’s really interesting.

I was puzzled when he (the dealer) said he would put a new VM95 cart on the arm, but your explanation makes some sense of this.

Is my Ortofon Cadenza less of deciding factor in the overall SQ, than I presume it to be, I wonder.

Yes, I’ll keep you posted.

Not quite sure which direction I’m heading towards with this possible Linn pathway.

Could be intriguing, shall we say!?!?

Thanks. Yes, I would say your Cadenza is the least important part of this. There is so much more that can be done first, starting with the bearing and the power supply. But your dealer will be checking the condition of both and advising appropriately.

Hopefully, new springs, grommets, belt, maybe a motor are all included.

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The Cadenza is probably a bit much for a Basic arm.


As you clearly like your Vertere phono stage, have you thought about their DG1 deck? Rega must also be worth a look, the Planar 8 is a similar price to those you mention. I don’t recall where you live but if it’s the UK there is someone selling a Planar 10 with Apheta 3, both with only 20 hours use, for only £2,700, which is an amazing bargain.


@Charles64 - the Ortofon Cadenza appears to be a c.£1k cartridge… I think…?

As others have said, Linn Lore advises against such combo’s. If you are set on running your Cadenza, I suggest you should be aiming much higher in the arm stakes. In Linn, a good used Ittok would be appropriate.

Yes, I’m in the UK, (West Yorks area), and I’ve seen the Planar 10 you mention.

I’m going to the Linn dealer later this afternoon, so I’ll be hearing and seeing the deck, albeit in his set up and room.

Ideally, of course, hearing a few on home demo is the best way. As I mentioned above I’ve listened to a VPI Prime and Mofi Ultradeck at home, which was very useful.

The Planar 10 is, as you say, on offer at a pretty decent price.