Rookie question...what is upnp compatibility mode

I recently set up an NDX (new to me) using wireless wifi. It keeps dropping when streaming through upnp so will try connecting with ethernet soon to see if it’s a wireless issue as suggested by some on this forum. Just looking through the settings and notice there is a upnp compatiblity setting that’s not on. What does turning this setting on do with regard to upnp?

When you turn on UPnP compatibility mode it makes it so the NDX does the UPnP browsing and the app works more as a remote for the NDX instead of the app doing the UPnP browsing and acting as a UPnP control point for the NDX … it’s a subtle sounding difference but can be quite useful.

Running the app in UPnP compatibility mode does restrict what you can do a little though - it brings in some restrictions in how much flexibility you have in creating playlists with tracks from mixtures of sources if I remember correctly…

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Thanks for this really appreciate it. I gave it a try and it worked well but I lost the integration with tidal. It worked more like connecting through usb.

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A cable should sort it all out. The wifi is far from ideal on the legacy platform streamers.

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Fingers crossed…that seems to the the consensus. Hoping to get that sorted soon.

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