Room - connecting Pi3 to 272

Is anyone using DIY Pi3 (DietPi) as a roon bridge for a 272 and if so, how have you connected it? Which connections etc. Any recommendations

Lots of options in this thread.

I’ve got a Raspberry Pi4 running Bubble UPnP Server on the network. It looks after 3 legacy devices.
Doesn’t do Roon, but it’s a similar principle.
Each device is attached to the network in various places with ethernet cable, no direct connection from the RPi to my Naim boxes.

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Hi, thanks, I’ve got the bubbleupnp bit going on my NAS but I’m trying to roonify the 272 with pi3 box and have everything setup except for how to connect the 272 to the pi3 bridge. I haven’t found anything yet which talks about various ways to connect to 272.

I’ve got my core and bridge working. Bridge is currently on my desk, connected to a cat cable but I think I need to connect it directly to the 272. Hence wondering how others do this.

Thx. Missed this thread. Having a good read through now.

your 272 doesn’t accept the USB connection from your Pi. You could use an external dac or have a Pi Hat that either gives you a digital signal our or a Dac Hat

You don’t need to connect the Pi directly to the 272. You just need the right UPNP bridge software installed on the Pi. Once you enable the option in Roon settings the Pi will see your 272 and send the signal to it via Ethernet.

Check out Roon forum for how to do this. The software costs a few $$$ but is worth it to get Roon onto the legacy streamers.

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