“Room-filling” sound from speakers for Atom

Musing on what I’d like from my Atom (which we use in a large L-shaped kitchen/dining room and which sits atop a dresser), I spent some time researching speakers for ‘room-filling’ sound the other day. When we play music in this room, it’s never an audiophile ‘listening session’, there’s always things going on; no ‘sweet spot’ required, in fact quite the opposite.

What a rabbit-hole!

Bose 901s - seemingly sneered at by audiophiles.
Sonab OD-11 (and anything by Stig Carlsson)
Shahinians, duevels, omnidirectionals (although I think I’d want bookshelf speakers if I ever went down this route)

Do any Naim owners achieve ‘room-filling’ sound? What (bookshelf) speakers do you use?

The one guy I know who runs Shahinians (Arcs) likes them with a NAP250, which is around twice the power you have available.

IMO Focal Aria 906 would be worth a look. I think they are efficient and came out about the same time as the Uniti range.

The Focal Chora range seem to have been voiced for Naim and sound really good, the Chora 806 is a bookshelf speaker at £599 plus stands.

What does “room filling” mean? I take it to mean loud in all parts of the room. If so relatively efficient speakers are called for. And if you want the sound to be full range, including low bass, but still be controlled by the Nova, then floorstanders not bookshelf soeakers but ones presenting not too difficult a losd so the Nova can c trol them adequately (or a sub).

When I’ve heard them Audionote gave a good impression of scale but need to be near a wall or preferably a corner. They’re not all an outrageous price if you stay away from the silver conductors or alnico magnets and they’re easy to drive.

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I think Chora806 is not “same level” with Atom.
Even Aria is so-so.

What’s your budget?

Atom, not Nova.
Not floorstanders.

Apologies, crossed Nova and Atom. I know you said bookshelf, but if you room filling means full range than bookshelves won’t achieve it, unless a sub is used as I also mentioned.

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I think I’m more after sound dispersal than full range as such. But I’m interested to see how others interpret - and put into effect - my post.

Only you know what you mean by “room filling”! It seems odd to want others to give their interpretation… (It is not a term I would use myself, but if I did it would be as I surmised in my first oost.)

I had a pair of these and confess to loving them. I had them on the end of a Linn system. While they are not hi-fi in the truest sense, the scale they deliver is something that no other speaker can even come close too. And they are easy to drive as they use an active single point crossover (which they called an Active Equalizer just to be contrary) . However, that crossover has to sit between either a pre and power amp or between in a tape loop with the tape monitor selected and I don’t think that is possible with an Atom. Plus they are discontinued as Bose have now left the hi-fi speaker market some years back to focus on purely lifestyle and pro-audio.

Anyway, any speaker can be room filling depending on the size of the room. Being used to the Bose sound which largely came from their use transmission lines, I found PMC to be to my liking. Something like a Twenty5.21 would be easy to drive and produces a big sound.

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I’m going out on a limb but I’d say Klipsch. Very efficient, really easy to drive, fun to listen to, great party or background music speakers!

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My Dynaudios excite bookshelf’s provide room filling sound in my living room

Where do you live? Simon at AudioT Reading could demo an Atom with Shahinian Arcs and Compass

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