Room issues now the door is open

I have been having issues with my small man cave … with a nasty room mode at around 60hz. Well on the rare occasion my better half swans into my den…she this time left the door wide open (normally it shut tight to keep noise down) and omg the room mode virtually vanished…!!! It was great… (the door is tight into a corner) I think the corner reflections are now going out of the room instead of being reflected. :smiley:

Isn’t that what the call Sod’s Law. Nasty node vanishes to be replaced by ‘ Turn that down’ or ‘ do you have to have it that loud?’


If you are lucky and the room is at the end of a corridor, you could move the door to just before the next doorway…

Put some sound dampening material over the door such as a curtain

You are exactly on my wave length … you have made my day…yes I thought it quite prophetic…

On a serious note … I think there are 2 things going on …

  1. Small room pressurisation …which is stopped with the door wide open.
  2. With the door closed you can clearly hear the doubling up of the bass output in the corner where the door meets the wall. With the door open - this disappears - so there is no reflection of the bass frequency back into the room - where it gets multiplied again.

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