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Hello everyone,

Is it normal behavior if the room name change back to the default setting /name, after rebooting the ND555?
As far as I remember, NDX2 used to keep the chosen room name all the time.


If by rebooting you mean turning it off and on, then no. If you mean reset to factory settings, then yes.

Rebooting after pressing 3 secs on/off button or tuning PSU off and on.

As HH says the ND555 shouldn’t lose its room name if you are just restarting it. Incidentally pressing the front panel button for 3 seconds doesn’t turn the power off. It just puts it into what Naim call “Deep Sleep”.

If you want to restart everything, then you have to take the power off by turning of the PS555, leave it for 30 secs or so and then connect the power again.

And after that it might loose the chosen room name ?

No it shouldn’t do. You only lose the room name if you reset the ND555 to factory settings (which you shouldn’t ever need to do). I don’t understand why it’s not working like that for you.

Me neither, I used have a NDX2 but I don’t think that’s the app issue (it’s the same app)

Hey ho. Just don’t turn it off.

Yes that’s what I thought, it would be the best :+1::sweat_smile:

I have found a problem!
Instead of room name “ND 555” which I have previously chosen, I added a “ND555” and it does work, no more swapping (after deep sleep etc) to the default room name anymore!

It seems, when there is a space between characters unknown error appear.

That is odd, because for example one of my rooms is called Sitting Room with a space! But it’s not an ND555.

indeed, maybe not a space between characters was a problem.
Previously I have deleted a serial number which comes after “ND 555” … and that was my room name which I have chosen. Unfortunately after deep sleep or turning the PSU off, the default room name has appeared.

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