Room Treatments

searched new forums and did not find any topics. I recently remodeled my room, and purchased my first soundsystem, and now need to treat the room. Wondering what types of room treatments have used, and results.

I’ve contacted GIK Acoustics and even sent them test sound clips of my room using a UMIK-1 microphone. James at GIK made these comments about my room based on test sound clip:

“In addition to previous comments on the bass response, the impulse response shows a LOT of strong reflections, within -20dB of the initial impulse, all the way out past 70ms. This tells me that the room will sound quite uncontrolled and jumbled, with an indistinct soundstage/image. Treating early reflection points on the side walls, ceiling, and rear wall behind you is the first step to improve this.”

So, I need to treat these early reflection points around my room. Particularly, corners and ceiling. Also looking for a floor-standing treatment to put in front of a wet bar with quartz walls. This bar area reflects tremendous amounts of sound in this room, and I need to squash these reflections.

will try to upload pic of my most problematic area. TIA


Unless you are willing to ruin the esthetic of your beautiful room, ceiling and back wall will be your only “treatable” surfaces. How about a tasteful curtain shielding your bar area? See what I mean…
Check out Vicoustics for some suggested panels for ceiling and back wall- they look quite nice in place. Good luck, this can be a difficult journey…

I’ll check out Vicoustics, thank you. My back wall is mostly vinyl


Glad to see you’re progressing, hopefully you’ll get there in the end. Keep persevering!

For those unaware, this started life in the old forum - and perhaps when the archive is available it can be linked from this.

GIK has some panels that look like Vicoustic and they are cheaper.

Today I moved one step closer to finish line: installed solid core MDF doors. They turned out really nice, and the birch finish is beautiful.

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