Room tuning devices


anyone knows that. my dealer saw it would be awesome. a set of 18 pieces, however, costs 1800 €

I’d be very happy to send you 18 magic stones, selected from Hayling Island beach for their special sonic qualities. I’m sure reviewers would agree they are remarkable; remarkable that anyone would fall for such nonsense.


While it looks crazy, I found a lot of reviews in audiophile online magazines that praise them in the same words as they use for ethernet cables, switches, and what have you. And the logic isn’t much more contrived either. Unfortunately, this is a side effect of all the guessing, listening, trusting ears, and habitual rejection of more controlled testing that is the gold standard in some places. And who knows, these thingies might do something just as well, nobody can really be sure :slight_smile:


I was thinking exactly the same.

Every time I wear a yellow hat the music just sounds so much better, noise floor reduced and digital hash sent packing. Makes no sense but hey, I trust my ears.

It’s a chord cables yellow hat though, no mad tweaks for me.



If I buy these will they make my Atom sound like the 252 I just sent off for service. :thinking::thinking::thinking:

I wonder of that is expensive enough to convince people to buy them - and hear a difference…

Of course everything in a room does influence the sound, and what and where it is determines the effect: and that is true for cushions, pebbles, plants, and even purpose-designed absorption or scattering panels.

Just imagine having these stuck on the walls and ceiling at measured points. Visitors would think you were away with the fairies. It would look as though the room had chickenpox.

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All you need is a rainbow diffuser between you and your speakers, sorted!

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You lot may sneer but just try it with Digestive Biscuits - or in an array of Digestive and Rich Tea…

Incredible! Knocks the spots off Garibaldis…

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What a shame I’ve already treated my room :roll_eyes:

I’ve often found that when the “better half” is not in the house the SQ is markedly better.
Or it might just be louder :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

And the bands played often seem to be Rush, Led Zeppelin, Genesis & Yes for some reason?

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Have you tried the “ridged” fig rolls?

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