Roon 1.7 build 521 released

It’s a pretty minor maintenance release really but has 2 very nice touches.

In the New Releases section one can now filter by genre.

And on radio if the station feeds data on what is playing Roon makes this data clickable as a link. So one can go straight to the band or the album playing. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work for flat radio stations as these can’t (or don’t, I’m not sure) carry metadata.



Awesome, thanks for the heads-up.
Do we expect iOS Roon app gets updated as well?

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It can usually take up to a day or so for the iOS version to become available.


Thanks for flagging this, looking forward to having a play when I get home.

The other thing that interests me is the enhanced gallery view. I’m going to split a PDF booklet into multiple JPEG files to see how it handles it, I suspect it will make viewing album booklets nicer.

MacOS app already updated

Yes, all Roon desktop apps on MacOS, Windows, Linux have been already updated. Updates on mobile devices are not out yet, some users actually report issues on the Android devices.


I have just updated to 521 on my iMac and Roon screen appears very washed out in light mode also washed out in dark mode.

Anyone else with same issue?


Nope, everything seems good to me.
It’s better to ping the Roon Support? Seems like quite a few people having some sort of issues.

Thanks - already done, I see someone else has already highlight ‘out of focus’ effect so piggy backed on that.


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