Roon and stop

Since I updated to 1.8 I got permant re- scan of the library, never had this issue before. Suddenly, roon stops playing and re- scann really kills me…I didn‘t change cabeling or anything else, just updated to latest sw.
Do one face same problems?
Many thanks!

I’m on the latest version - no issues.

Have you tried a reboot?

Nope, nut there have been a few that encounter this issue on their forum maybe check it out. What OS you running it on? If you have regularly backing up your library maybe a time to reinstall from scratch and restore your library backup to see if it fixes it.

Yes many times…clear memory, reboot, power off etc.

I‘m running sonicorbiter linux i5, NAS is Melco EX latest version.

Maybe best to ask on the Roon forum.

Yeah, will do…just wonder if some forum member have same issues.

Roon rescanned my library when I upgraded to Sonicorbiter 2.8, which was a pain because I lost my user edits. It also guessed the library incorrectly, but it did it only the once.


Thanks KRM, here it happens 3-4x a day, I set re-scan only at startup.
I don‘t know if it‘s a melco or roon or sonicorbiter issue…

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