Roon, 1st Gen Mu-so and NUC

As I understand it, I need to use the LMS workaround to allow Roon to ‘see’ the Mu-So as a Roon-ready device (I don’t really want to stream over AirPlay) - so if I plan got move my Roon setup to a dedicated NUC running ROCK, I assume that option won’t be available?

Any other solutions? (except trade it in!)

I think AirPlay would be just fine for adding Roon to a Muso. On the other hand, if you have other Roon players then you may want to use the same connection type for all of them. Especially if you intend to use Roon for multiroom play, as you can’t mix RAAT, AirPlay and Chromecast players in the same group. So trading in your Muso for a 2nd generation model may be worthwhile.
Otherwise you can look at Roon via LMS, possibly free if you already have hardware that can run it. If not, a Sonore UPnP bridge is probably the easiest option.

I use Roon from a NUC and Airplay sounds just fine with our gen 1 Muso. Of course you’re limited to 44/16 but with the Muso I don’t think you’re going to hear a difference. If you must, then get a SonicOrbiter Bridge (either the stand alone from SGC or a used microRendu). I use mine for the UQ in the office - it can only cast to one device so the Muso gets Airplay.

I also run Roon on a NUC to an original Muso via AirPlay. It’s fine.

thanks all.

It sounds fine, I grant you, but I can’t group it with my main system in the next room, so am not able to wander through the house with the same stuff playing. The Pi at the far end is fine, so it’s just this middle system that then can’t sync.

However, I think running lms-2-upnp on a pi may be the solution. I could install a full OS on the NUC that I’m building and run it on that as well as the Roon Server, but I’d prefer the ROCK setup…

um, rats.

As in, got lms2upnp running on my NAS so it could be on 24/7 with no other kit - but as a squeezebox device, I still can’t group it with the other Roon endpoints…

Any other ideas? Will Naim release a Roon-ready firmware for v1 Mu-So? Has anyone hacked one?

If you want to group the Muso with other Roon gear, it has to be via the same platform, and LMS is not Roon RAAT. Realistically, the gold standard is a 2nd gen. Muso that gives you ‘proper’ Roon RAAT on both your systems, so that you can use Roon multiroom.
The easy alternative is to create a multiroom group in Roon using AirPlay, but continue to use RAAT for your main system. For me this would be an acceptable compromise as I would only use multiroom for background listening, so any sound quality compromise would be acceptable.

You can add a HAT like the Hifiberry Digi+ Pro to an RPi. Run the RoonBridge software on a bare bones Raspbian install. Even easier, run RoPieee for an almost plug n’ play OS using the RAAT protocol. Connect the Muso and Digi+ via optical. Then set the sound card ouput to HifiBerry from the RoPieee web interface, reboot, and off you go.

:slight_smile: :clap:

Found a Digi+ from a previously aborted attempt to play with a Pi and Roon, and found another Pi kicking around, burned the image, and it all works.

Note to others - rename an existing HiFiBerry on your network else you can’t find the new one easily…

Once done, it now plays using Roon via spdif into the Muso, sounds good, and can be grouped with all my other kit. That’s saved about £600 on the Mu-So 2 upgrade :slight_smile:


on a roll now - have just rescued my old Sonos Play"3 fro the back of a cupboard, done a factory reset, reset it up, updated firmware, and now have Roon through it in the bedroom too…


I presume a NUC is the Intel PC in a box.
I have Roon running on a PC and it finds all my MuSo’s via the Wired Network no problemo…no additional setup need, unless I misunderstand
The Roon control app is a delight also.

You can only use Airplay with the first gen Muso which is far from the best quality.

RPi, Roon, and spdif works fine into first gen MuSo

Roon works a treat into my 1st Gen MuSo’s

I think what CG is referring to is that AirPlay will only support up to 16/44.1 so you miss out on that 24 bit material that is now available on Qobuz.

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I see - but my point is that you can use spdif not AirPlay and hence 24bit Qobuz…

But my point was over netwotk in reply to Spamky the post above mine. :slight_smile:

I didnt say it didn’t I said it only uses Airplay so your stuck with its limitations over the network it’s not using full fat Roon and limited to cd quality only.

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