Roon 2.0

Looks like Roon 2.0 is about to drop

And if the speculation is to be believed it will introduce Roon mobile one of the most requested “features”.



I expect it will make 1.8 sound broken :roll_eyes:

It’ll be interesting to see what it brings. No complaints here about what it does already though.


Free upgrade for lifers or subscribers?

Have not used it for months since migrating to a newer Mac Mini.

Curious to see what it actually brings and how it works.
No doubt the Roon forum will be full of moaners within minutes of the release :slight_smile:
Im a Roon convert anyway, Im not going to complain about additional functionality, whether an optional extra or not.

Agree think it’s very good already.
Mobile or video covers top speculative features but doesn’t do it for me!
Not complaining though and will be interesting to see what it delivers.

Yes, as always


Yep, that is my long awaited feature.

What’s Roon mobile, accessing your library via a mobile network? And saving files on a mobile library?

I do like the sound of that… when I am finalising mixing or even mastering I like to listen to my tracks on different devices and different spaces… you notice things you don’t ‘hear’ in the studio. I do use Roon for my music in this way as it is a lot simpler than most other methods I know of…, and having the flexibility of being mobile away from your LAN and being able to do this is fab… yes I realise only a tiny percentage of Roon users use the tool for their own music… but none the less, if this feature were to appear it would be great.

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Why would you need Roon to test your own created music externally, specifically?

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New features in 2.0 will be announced tomorrow, and there have been no leaks (us testers are of course under NDA and everyone seemed to be very diligent) so just a little patience :slight_smile:


I was thinking more



Will the Roon mobile App not eat your phone battery life very quickly? They always talk about all the processing power Roon needs. I assume you would be able to access Tidal/Qobuz through a Roon App, but there is no way to access your home library is there?
Unless there is a Roon Cloud coming?:flushed:
I use the Roon App on my IPad at home, have not even bothered installing one on my IPhone.

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The 20th is almost over down under and nothing has happened……

Think it launches 5 pm in UK today.

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I do master tracks for others, but I always have my own tracks mastered by others. But I’m curious why you want to listen to your tracks via Roon at all. As a reference? There is some kind of explanation in your story, but don’t really see the point in that so maybe you would like to explain that to me a little better.

I would imagine just because it is easy. Put the track on the NAS drive in your Roon library, and then use the Roon app to select which device you want to play back on - eg phone, Naim thing, Sonos thing, any other thing that is Roon-ready. Instead of using different apps for all the different playback devices.

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You can already do that with the Roon app. The point of Roon Mobile will be to allow you to use it when not connected to your LAN.

Yes I know. Thought rvanenteren was asking a different question.

Assume it’s out?

Downloading it now - if it now works natively with Apple silicon I may give it a whirl.

Trying to figure out how to dowload 1.8 if we still can, Roon 2.0 requires mac OS Catalina as a minimum, my old 2012 Mini just scrapes by, phew, though I think I’ll try a fresh installation on the M1 Mini.