Roon - 5 years old

If you follow the Roon Twitter feed & Blog postings (see , you will see that Roon is now 5 years old, so ‘Happy Birthday’ and here’s to the next five.

There was a Beta program, I was a Beta user since 23rd April 2015
An Annual Subscriber from 12th May 2015
ROCK user from 1.0 27th May 2017
Converted Annual to Lifetime 6th June 2017

Used daily across multiple zones & different hardware endpoints including my Naim NDS
(i.e. it delivers on the vision from 2015!)


I resisted Roon with all my might. Last year I had a spare SSD laying around a d a 60 Day trial for my NAS. I didn’t even make 30 days before I built a Roon Rock and Lifetime license. I really enjoy the product. I got in on the lifetime just before the price increase.

I love, love, love that playlists are stored on the server and can be accessed from any control point. Naim app drove me crazy because lists on my tablet were not on my phone.

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