Roon 571 Issues

Following the recent update to 571 I have found that Roon isnt updating its database in real time.
Tried the following … restart core on nuc, restart ios app, reinstall rock, recreate watched folder.
The only thing that works is a forced rescan.
Also posted on Roon forum.

I’m sorry to hear that.

From my perspective, Release 571 has been a win win!

I haven’t identified any new issues with my Roon set-up, and Release 571 has resolved two long term and very irritating issues for me. In particular, it has resolved my very annoying issue of Roon Radio regularly not displaying full (or sometimes any) metadata for tracks it selects and plays.

Following last weeks release 571, Roon Radio now performs perfectly for me for the first time since the 1.7 release last year.

I’m on a ‘Blues’ kick at the moment, so have just set Roon Radio going with a favourite blues track, and luxuriating in the ability (for the first time in quite a while) of Roon Radio to select new artists and tracks for me to instantly and seamlessly research or add to my library or playlists now that all of the appropriate metadata is there.

I hope you get a resolution to your issues soon.

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Edit update. Not sure what I have done but been messing for an hour or so and working now.

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Did you get the metadata improver needs updating message? That can stop it if you get that. A reboot of core can sometimes clear it or delete the Roon cache.

I had to reinstall the OS on my ROCK and then restore from a backup. Always make sure that you do a backup before upgrades.

I did, but sorted that ok. Everything seemed ok except the real time updating.

As per my first post, tried most things, nothing worked.

Thinking back on what I did to make it work, I was getting desperate and changing settings here there and everywhere. The only thing I did differently was delete the Roon app on my iPad and reinstall it. That seemed to be when everything started to work ok.

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