Roon Accidental Beta

Seems Roon have let an accidental Core Beta out by mistake.

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Lot of kerfuffle on the Roon forum so best to dive into your Roon system and turn off automatic updates.


OK all fixed now, for those that accidentally downloaded the beta version there is another update which will take you back to a stable version.


P.S. Well that was a short thread :slight_smile:


@Timbo a Roon-issue I already struggle a long time with: I can’t get radio-stations/Live Radio playing properly. I can search and find station, but everytime I try to start one, I get below error message. Any idea?


Sorry I have no idea, sometimes happens to me. I assume the radio station no longer exists.


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Jazzloft works for me right now, I am in Germany. I don’t know if geoblocking is a thing for iRadio stations.

Station addresses changing unannounced (as per the message) happens from time to time, it occurs in the Naim app as well. Then the address source must update their info, for the Naim app it is vtuner, I don’t know what Roon uses, I think vtuner as well.

But there are also other causes, e.g. someone on the Roon forum had the issue for all stations because their Roon Core computer was too weak and running flat out, it stopped when they switched to a better machine. If you search on the Roon forum for “unable to play this station” you will find many posts about different issues.

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