Roon and how it works

Dear Naim users

Please bear with me, but I can’t find the answer to my question directly, so I’m asking again. I have been on the Roon website, and it all sounds easy. But I have the feeling it is not when I have streamer Nac 272

I would like to be able to play TIDAL or Qobuz in the high resolution 24 bit (MQA?) From my streamer Nac 272.

Now the question is whether I can get around this by using the Roon app as a starting point to play Master from TIDAL. Or is there something I have totally misunderstood…?

I imagine that I need to have Roon on my MacBook as a starting point, and then what …? Then I must have a link in between before I can get in touch with my streamer.
I am currently connected by power cable directly to my streamer.

At the moment I get great sound from TIDAL hi-fi through the Naim app, just want to try a step further.

It’s a bit complicated in this new streamer world

Kind regards Peter

The 272 doesn’t do Roon, and Naim in general don’t do MQA decoding so that’s a double whammy.

However, you can get Roon to work with your 272, but you’d need some external gadgetry to “Roonify” your 272; I bought an Audiostore server which had some software called Sonore Bridge that allowed my 272 to work with Roon. There’s plenty on what you need to do posted on here if you search for it. I think Roon is great, but others prefer alternative options.

You’d have to decide if it was worth spending money on getting your 272 to work with Roon. Personally, I’d be tempted to sell it and buy something that was Roon Ready. You also need a Roon Core.

Good luck.

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Roon is capable of doing the first unfold of mqa,but it is not compatible with a 272 without adding another box.

One of the cheapest boxes without going diy is the about to be released Nad cs1 streamer. £299. Connect that to your 272 via its digital output (either coax or optical) and it will act as a roon endpoint.

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