Roon and system automation?

I’m curious as to how this works with Roon. If you have one of the new Naim streamers with system automation enabled does the volume control in the Roon app still control amplifier volume via the system automation link ?

Hi James, I don’t actually have a new separate Naim streamer, but I’m sure the short answer is no, as it is for the older models. You need a digital volume control of some sort. I guess that is why Naim have reluctantly added an optional digital volume control to the new streamers - it was a requirement for AirPlay certification, but will apply to Roon as well.
On my NDX I can have digital volume control from within Roon, as I’m using it with a Chromecast Audio device at the moment, which works fine, but of course, it’s a form of DSP which is probably best avoided.

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Cheers Chris - I wondered if that was the case. I thought with the new streamers being Roon Ready, they might expose the volume control for Naim system automation to Roon but it sounds like that’s not the way it works.

I take it that your Atom is fully controlled via Roon - the volume control knob on the Atom responding to volume commands sent by Roon ?.

Asking for a friend…


You should consider using a bridge to allow Roon to stream directly to the NDX.

I’m using the lms-to-upnp program to great success with my NDS. Enough to convince me to buy a lifetime subscription to Roon

Yes, I thought about it, but I may just go for an NDX2 and be done with it, then I won’t need any more boxes, cables, etc.

I think you can run Logitech Media Server on a Synology? If so you could pop that on and enable the lms-to-upnp plugin on that. As log as you run LMS on a different device to Roon you will be OK. It would tide you over.

I would like to know what is Roon, what would do, how much you cost and what it needs to have in the home …

I’d start here Roon

Short answer is no. Roon can’t control volume on a 282 via system automation on an NDX 2.

I am using system automation between my NDX2 and my 282. The Roon profile doesn’t know how to instruct the NDX2 to turn up the analogue volume control on the 282.

Where as it (system automation) works perfectly with the new NDX2 ZigBee remote control - volume, mute and Integrated input selection (digital on NDX2 with analogue on 282). It’s also pretty cool that when the NDX2 turns itself to standby, the volume control on the 282 turns itself to zero. Nice touch.

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Atom, star and Nova all work with Roon volume control well.

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Yes, no problem with controlling the Atom from Roon. It even gives you the numerical volume level, which the Naim app doesn’t.

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Cheers all - thanks for the info.


It’s in Naims court to offer this up to Roon. If they don’t expose it then it can’t be accessed. There is a way to get Roon to control your preamp if you use a Harmony hub and use the Deep Harmony extension. So play controls will act on the streamer volume will control the preamp.

Thanks - my solution at the moment integrates all this nicely so I just wondered how the new network players worked with Roon. It’s a shame the integration doesn’t go as far as the system automation.

If people nag Naim enough they might expose it in a firmware update. With some Roon Ready endpoints Roon can control the full power on/off etc, it really depends on what the manufacturers want to expose to the API.

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