Roon and TV displays

I’ve just noticed that I have an option to switch to a TV display on Roon. I must try it, but does anyone use it?

Hi @Camphuw , i dont know whether this helps but I have an Apple TV and use the ‘Roon Remote’ Apple TV Extension.
It is really excellent and cost I think a couple of pounds for the App/Extension.
It basically uses all the API’s provided by Roon to create a user experience accessed and controlled by the Apple TV remote.
If Im playing an album I tend not to use it, but if Im playing a playlist I do, especially if its a random playlist. Its nice just to have the visual and album covers / artist photos (it switches through images) on the TV whilst its all playing.
I guess if you havent got Apple TV this info is not much good though!

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I used to use that app before I changed TVs. I even went on to buy a 4k Apple box; however, some how I can’t the signal to and from the Apple Box to be reliable, so I just plug the Ethernet cable into the TV.

Oh thats a shame…I dont have any experience of displaying Roon on my TV any other way, sorry.
Hopefully someone will chime in to give you some feedback in a bit.

Does your tv have a built in internet browser?

One does notice many instances of it on system pics thread on the roon forum.

I’ve done it once or twice to get lyrics when there were a few of us listening to music. I have a PC connected to my TV and you put in the IP address of of your Roon core:9330/display into a web browser and it displays the now playing screen.

So once you can get a web browser on your TV, it should work.


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Yes … sitting down listening and tried the display icon. The tv shows a thumb nail of the album and the waveform to its right.

Music is via an NDS rather than the TV’s DAC, which is a neat trick. I can display all the Roon information if I send the stream direct to the TV but I rarely do.

I use a Fire Stick and it works fine - just plug and play. However, I do not recognise any added value compared to the display on the tablet so I didn‘t use it very often.

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Works to Chromecast or android tv too…

Chromecast is great for display and is supported by Roon, is a cheap adding and some tv’s already support it.

With an Apple TV you will need to pay an app that also let’s tou control your streamers and choose your music, skip tracks etc, the app on the Apple TV is more polished. But is an external developer.

For covers and lyrics chromecast is the way, also displays the waveform of the track, the Apple TV app does not.

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Would it work with a MuSo or a MuSo2 on my TV? I am using Comcast cable in the US, but I am ready to switch to Youtube TV. It would be great to integrate Roon into this setup if it will fit. I love the idea of incremental usage on something I am paying for already!

If you have a Chromecast on the tv, on your device icon click on volume then appears a display option, select it and choose the display you want, the tv will turn on with the cover.

You can use it with any supported device in Roon, even with an HomePod playing .

You can configure displays in settings/displays.


I used to use it but to be hones the appeal wore off after a while with a 55 inch TV glaring out you whilst listening to music. I made my own streamer with an 7 inch Pi screen running Ropieee which does the same thing


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