Roon Arc and permanent internet connection

I hope that this does not contravene any rules … interesting explanation of why Roon Arc requires a permanent internet connection.

I’m a little disappointed that I can’t use Roon 2.0 offline but I understand the argument. Perhaps in future versions it will be possible … if not the Naim app might need improving, or I might have to learn more about squeezebox.

ARC can now be used fully offline with downloaded music, they just added that on Thursday. Roon core itself does need a permanent connection though due to the search engine they use as its in the cloud. But the fact you cant play your own stuff grates hopefully they do a UK govt u-turn.

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What Darko seems to omit is that I am sure Roon could configure their offering so that if one was offline then the search function falls back to a lesser beast. Google is great, but imagine not being able to search your hard drive for a local file when offline.

PS I would love to be able to use ARC, but as a Starlink user whilst possible it requires more hoops than I can be bothered with.


It really is an unnecessary bother as well. I just cannot place the importance some seem to on that essential and exceptionally rare recording, that simply must be listened to when outside of the house, but which couldn’t possibly have been imported to your phone by the usual means. Its simply a duplication of already available tech and honestly I wish they had spent the development time on for instance, fixing why it freezes and crashes on windows when minimised. Or the god awful ‘radio’ which repeats the same music in the same order after a given seed, without fail (and thankfully acknowledged as a failing by the CEO)


Yes - useful feature for car journeys, and a possible use for an ageing iPhone.

@haffle I hope Roon enable the ‘lesser beast’.

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I hope Roon enable the ‘lesser beast’.

Took less than 2mins to get it working, no unecessary bother here and a 2mins well spent. Its not just about rare versions its listening to the stuff you already own and not having to rely on crappy rereleases and remasters for lots of albums on streaming that are tbh quite under par when I have a perfecly good cd version that I own and I dont now need a DAP to access them. Most prefer the interface of Roon and have simialr offering to what I can do at home, rather than using lots of different other apps which franlky are lacking. You might not have wanted ARC but lots more users did. To me I dont use anything else for musc now when out and about and I am happier for it.

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No bother here either, it took as long as hitting save in the unifi interface. It duplicates functionality of other apps that have been out for years, the interface does not look like roon! It ok, good to have choice I suppose

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