Roon backup

First, I left them as they were with my home network. After a while I took it down and rebuilt it but could not extend the ISP’s network or join its domain. I should try again, whilst watching the cricket and using the ISP’s WiFi.

Perhaps you need to start again! Remembering that how you configure them will depend on whether they are wired or not, and whether or not you still use the router’s WiFi as well. But I guess you know all that.

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Too tense (cricket) to start just yet.
But thanks for the reminder that I will need to be focused when I get down to setting it up again.

I continue to use an Airport Extreme as my wifi access point (I disabled wifi on my isp’s home router), and another to extend the wifi network. I contemplated updating, but whilst it still works fine I have no motivation to change really. So long as the ‘extender’ unit is properly set up to ‘extend the wifi network,’ it should work just fine. Be sure all firmware is updated, and then just do a factory reset on the extender unit and set it up again to ‘extend.’

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I’m doing the exact same and it’s been almost bulletproof for over a decade. I’ll only upgrade once they no longer work.

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I neglected to do the factory reset last time so thanks for the reminder

There is no reason why they won’t continue to work, but they will progressively hold back newer devices on your Wifi in terms of reliability and performance.

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Agreed, at some point I will have to make the jump to something new.

As long as my internet speed remains at less than 10% of what an AirPort Express can handle, I’ll keep it. The way Open Reach are carrying on round here, there is no real prospect of that in my lifetime.

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I’m in the same boat here.

I get 225mb/s from my wifi. 350mb/s internet.

Thanks for the step by step approach.
I’ve not sat down to sort this out yet as I’m still copying my music library from the Audiostore to two stand alone HDD. For some reason some files have not been copied across so am going backwards and forwards merging folders and skipping existing files.

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Factory reset done …
A little issue with the Airport Utility not working fully on my iPad, but no problems once I sat at my computer. All three Airport Extremes set to bridge mode and everything seems to be working much better than in extended mode.

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