Roon based streaming system

Thinking to some point in the future, when I have finally sold off all of my Vinyl (It’s a slow process). I would most likely then only have a need for a Roon based main system, no need for Vinyl, Radio, Apple play, Chromecast etc… With a 20k budget for electronics what would you put between the NUC and Speakers, Titan 606s in my case. Can be Naim or non-Naim, but I don’t like the idea of paying for features I’m not going to use.

If you already have the nuc and the speakers, I saw good feedback on the forum about the new classic range, at least try to have a listen to the new gear.

Just a suggestion, it can be an option on your budget value.

Other than that, a system is a very personal thing, hope you find the perfect one for you.

You will love Roon, and works flawlessly with naim gear.


using Roon with Naim Nova, had Tidal and Quobuz but cancelled the latter as Tidal suggest great new music, agree Roon works great with their RART protocol, no buffering issues and also unpacks the first fold of MQA, can I tell a difference? subjective…I run Roon core from my iMac and no issues.

I see 2 possibilities:
Naim New classic range: 3 boxes
Aavik U 280 and S 280 : 2 boxes


I guess I was wondering whether an Integrated or combined unit was necessary/too much. The 222 for instance has a phono stage I won’t use, even an internal power supply if the 300 is added, all those inputs, not required. Roon / Nuc is the single input.

Innuos Pulsar
Chord Dave
Power amp to suit ears/budget, New Classic NAP 250 perhaps?


Any HiFi will have some redundancy unless you use every single input available but don’t ever need more. There is probably more redundancy potential with Naim than any other brand, so if that really bothers you, look elsewhere. A better approach in my view is to ignore all that and assess the options on sound quality, not features.


And secondhand or ex-dem amplification with your budget opens quite a wide door. …though then you’ll be wanting even better speakers! :joy:


Interesing choice. I would maybe consider one of the Innuos Zen models rather than Pulse as you don’t then need additional hardware to run the Roon Core.

Dave into 250DR worked OK for me, but it was much better with an Étude.

It’s not the redundancy necessarily that bothers me, just wondering if something more focussed at a given price level is a better option. If the 222 was the best sounding to my ears at that price level then that’s what I’d go with.

Choices based on existing Roon Server and not needing a local audio store/server.
If you also want/need a local library something else from Innuos would also suit as you say.

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Between the NUC and the speakers?

Depends on what type of DAC you prefer and the quality level.

If you don’t like the delta-sigma sound and want more natural sound a high quality solution might be a Holo Audio Red + Holo Audio Sprint 3 KTE (an R2R NOS-DAC) ordered with the very good internal preamp. (EUR 995 + 4129). Add poweramp of your choice, Naim 250 or Benchmark AHB2 to naim (:-)) two good but different sounding quality alternatives.

But there are alternatives all over the price and quality maps. If you go budget choose something that at least is fun to listen to. Like an Argos Solo (EUR 300) + any Naim integrated. You get Airplay and Spotify thrown in, neither supported by the NUC but may make your visitors happy when they can use their phones with your system to show off some music.

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Just realised my current system plus a 250 would qualify

Pulse ndac XPs dr 252 SC 250dr

All new or lightly used ex display (apart from ndac obvs)

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Interesting, thanks. I haven’t seen much Holo stuff so I’ll take a look. Budget will be 20k.

How do you connect the Pulse to the Ndac ?

Pulse has optical and coax as well as USB. I use coax

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Good to know! I wonder if it would improve my Nds , for local streaming.

Worth a try. My Zen Mini died on me so I tried an ndx in my system (this is pre getting the n-dac) While hooked up I also tried running it as a streamer into the chord hugo tt2. I decided to go Pulse and, to my ears (not a back to back A-B comparison) it sounds clearer and more controlled than the NDX into the Hugo.

Note the pulse series does not have storage by the way

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If i had 20k to spend to use with T606s (which i have). Assuming you already have a Networked NUC running as the Roon Core -

The new Naim Classic setup 222/300/250

The Chord Dave / Etude combo (with a Innuos Pulsar)

Accuphase E5000 with DAC60 card (with a Innuos Pulsar)

Devialet 440 Pro - Run dual mono or active with the 606s.


I home auditioned the Etude once, but I could hear the fan from my listening position. Devialet is an interesting idea - Class D? not that that would bother me if it sounded good.