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If I have Roon core installed on my laptop is it best to keep it connected to the network via Ethernet or does it not really matter and WiFi ok.
Router is connected to Cisco switch and wired to NDX2 however.



I run Roon Core on a a MacBook Pro, and it works fine over WiFi. I was concerned that it would really need a wired connection, and have a cable that I can use to connect it to, but in practice it doesn’t seem to make any difference.


Its best to have it wired for the core and this is what Roon recommends, You can run it on wireless but you can run the risk of playback issues. Most issues with playback stem from either the core being on wireless or underspecced cpu. Many do however as Chris does have no issues, its very dependant on your network and wireless infrastructure.

Wireless is not full duplex, meaning your available bandwidth is for both up and down data, with wired you get separate bandwidth for both up and down, so the available overall bandwidth can be constrained by what your wifi is capable to put out. Roon if streaming from Tidal or Qobuz is pulling from the internet over wireless and then sending this onto your streamer via wireless, this can then eat at your availble wireless bandwidth and puts added strain on your wireless card in the laptop and wireless ap. All this may not effect you at all if you have a good strong wireless setup but no wireless is immune to environmrntal issues or interference from neighbouring wireless systems so YMMV.

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