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I bought a Naim DAC V-1 & NAP 100 a couple of weeks ago. The first couple of days were fairly rough-sounding, but after that it has come on song rather well, and I’ve been very happy with it running into ESL63s, with music streaming from my iPhone to a Bluesound Node, and then on to the DAC/NAP via toslink. Listening to the Miles Davis Quintet in ESP, or Sorcerer, there is a real presence in the room, and the quality is better then I was expecting - I wasn’t sure whether the NAP 100 would work well with the Quads, but it’s a good combination.

Anyway, I have numerous DSD & hi-res files and set up a MacMini connected via USB to the DAC. With several players, I can get DSD64 streaming through the DAC, and this sounds very good indeed. I thought I’d then give a free trial of Roon a go, but this doesn’t recognise the DAC V-1, and I can’t get Roon to play via USB. The Naim options offered by Roon include various Musos, ND_ & Uniti players, but no DAC V-1. Is there a workaround for this, so that I can get Roon to play my library via USB into the DAC V-1?

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A simple solution will be to add a RPi with Ropieee before the DAC and connect them with an USB cable.

As mentioned above, you need a roon endpoint to feed the dac v1. A raspberry pi running roon bridge via usb to the dac v1 is probably the simplest/cheapest.

The MacMini is the designated Roon Core - can that not also be the endpoint?

What do you see as connected to core when you use usb to the dac v1?

I had a pc running Linux with roon bridge installed, and that quite happily played to my dac v1 via usb.

As Robert said, Enable the DAC-V1 as the active audio device that’s “Connected to Core”, give it a name that makes sense to you, select it as the active Zone and you’re golden.

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I tried the DAC-V1 on a Windows 10 CORE NUC- ROON does not show it as connected to CORE. You can set it up as the system default device and select that in ROON but it then goes through the Windows OS mixer?
I notice the DAC-V1 is designated as ‘Discontinued’ on the NAIM website! Is that the end of the road for NAIM DACs or will there be a V2 or a newline I wonder?

Have you setup the dac v1 on windows like this?

Thanks - if I knew how to do that, I would do so!

I can’t get past this configuration stage, which indicates that the Naim DAC-V1 is an unrecognised device;

It doesn’t seem possible to identify the device, as it’s not listed as an option by Roon. I’ll give it another go tomorrow morning; if there’s no joy then, I’ll simply ditch Roon.

I had it set like that and for ‘… Exclusive Mode’ . However I think I needed to reboot the NUC which I had not done. It is now visible. Thank you.

Doesn’t matter that it’s “Unidentified”, I have several of those in my Roon setup, all play fine. The only thing I’ve noticed successful identification actually accomplishes is an icon that matches the appearance of your device.

On that page, the ‘Save’ button only activates if you make a change from default, so don’t worry about that either, for now. Cancel and see if the device appears enabled on the main Audio page. If it does, you’re good to go.

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Holy mackerel, it’s working, and I have DSD coming through to the DAC-V1!

It does sound quite good :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Many thanks for everyone’s input - much appreciated!


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