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I am using Roon version 1.7 build 571 with my NDX 2. The Roon Core is a PrimeMini 4 with a i7 and 250 GB SSD for the database.

My local music in stored on a UnitiServe. Since the new version of Roon was installed I have had problems with playing music from the UnitiServe. Playing music from quobuz or tidal works fine. First I thought that it is an issue with the UnitiServe. But when playing local music from the Serve with Naim app no problems occur. I also do not think that it is a network issue. All the gear runs over a Cisco 2960L switch.

I have also noticed that Roon is periodically building a new index for the two folders of the UnitiServe. But that can also be usual.

Thanks very much for advice to cover the problem.

Sorry, I have forgotten the most important thing: which problems do I have with playing local music? When starting to play local music with Roon it needs some seconds until the music begins. After a few seconds the music stops and the increase of display time is regularly interrupted.

I would first start with the Roon server. Some questions to maybe help narrow down:

  • Does this happen when playing to a single zone?

  • Are you using DSP in the chain at all?

  • Is Roon still indexing? And, related: is it still analysing your files?

If you can replicate with no DSP and to a single zone, I would check if Roon is still analysing and, if so, what settings you may have set under Settings > Library > Background Analysis Speed e.g. if high you’re using multiple cores with a large library it might impact?

Can you check the load on your Roon server during playback? If none of this applies then may need to consider elsewhere in your replay chain.

Thanks for your answer.

  • Does this happen when playing to a single zone?
    Yes, it happens when playing to a single zone. This zone need not be the NDX 2. When I for example chose the iPad the same problems occur.
  • Are you using DSP in the chain at all?
    I am not using DSP at all. All filters are deactivated.
  • Is Roon still indexing? And, related: is it still analysing your files?
    At the moment Roon is not indexing or analysing files. But the problem is still there.

I have made two screenshots. The first quite after starting the playback. You can see that the speed of the Roon Core is quite good:

But after a few seconds the playback stops and in the chain window the following is displayed:

I have installed ROCK on the core. I do not know how to see the load of this device. But in terms it is a i7 and I have run Roon on a Synology DS 718+ before without any issues I would not believe that it is a performance issue.

Have you raised a ticket on the roon forum? Support can check logs etc for you. Or check the logs yourself, look for any errors that might elucidate what the problem is.

I will do so. Thanks for the advice.

Why the 3-stage conversion from regular 16/44 to 24/48? That seens rather unusual, especially when just playing on an iPad. Does it work OK if you just stick to 16/44?

The problem seems to be solved. I have seen that the EEE-Status of my Cisco was enabled. After disabling the EEE-Status there are no more interruptions when playing local music.

I am not an expert in ethernet so I do not really know why it works now. But in the protocol of the switch I saw that some ports went periodically to down state and then to up state again. Perhaps this is the reason why the transmission from the UnitiServe to the Roon Core and NDX 2 was unstable.

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EEE is power management for powering up and down the ports according to usage. Likely its not working well in this situation and best left off. From what I briefly read on it, it has caused dropouts for audio streams albeit different protocols when on. Roon is generally very active system on netorks so odd that it would power them down.

Yes EEE includes various techniques to reduce Ethernet power usage and noise. Of note is that when no data is being set, the idle or null framing data power is reduced, this is specifically called Low Power Idle. However it’s probably best that EEE is supported by both segment ends for maximum interoperability. But it’s a shame it’s not working for you as LPI can potentially improve SQ on the streamer by reduced noise coupling, by making Ethernet look a tiny bit more like wifi when there is no data being sent.

Thanks for the explanation @Simon-in-Suffolk. However one piece in the chain does not see that there is traffic and goes to sleep…

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