Roon: just good for genres

I’m doing a free Roon trial and as much as people love it, I find it inconvenient to always leave my laptop on. My main need is to categorize music into genres, and it just doesn’t seem that amazing outside of doing that. I don’t need to discover music, I just need a more advanced way of categorizing my library.

So why else do you love Roon?

For categorizing, ‘Focus’ allows to restrict your view (tracks, albums, artists) by a wide range of criteria (release date, genre, artist, no of times plays etc etc). You can then create bookmarks to more easily use them.
I run it on a second hand mac mini so it’s always on.


I like to ‘Tag’ items which is similar to ‘Focus’. This way I can name a ‘Tag’ something like “classical jazz” and add whatever tracks and or albums I see fit. Sometimes I prefer this to ‘Focus’


Interesting. So far I’m reading stuff I can effectively do for nowt in Innuos Sense. There has to be something more profound surely?

I adopted Roon because Naim’s UI was buggy and crashed or hung on a regular basis on Android. Been a while but my sense is it still does. It then allowed me to interop my own scanned CDs and Tidal. Yes you do need a server running but you can do that on a synology. Once it’s set up I’ve found it super reliable. It works with other devices my A&K SP1000 and a bluenote that drives bathroom ceiling speakers. I love the history and the playlists. Spotify’s search works better but other than that I’m very happy with Roon.

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Roon is fantastic and essential in this household as a unified way of playing music to a bunch of different devices. In a real sense it’s the one bit of ‘hi fi’ I own that everyone in the family knows how to use.

However to really have a good time it’s wants to be run on a server. Laptops really are not good solutions as a server, in fact they are like the opposite of what a server is.

As for categorisation etc, na not really we only just got folder view after ten years, not that it bothered me.


As others have said, it needs to be on a remote server along with the router etc. You could use a Roon Rock NUC or, a Mac mini. Both will take care of themselves and stay on 24/7 meaning you just use your phone or iPad etc as a remote control.

I’m one of those that uses Tags to categorise my collection using whatever name I fancy to identify them.

If I want easy access to all electronic music added in the last 6 months that I’ve given 4 * or more to then I can use Focus. I can then create a bookmark (top of screen) so one click can take me back to that selection in the future.

So many different ways to manage your music, just whatever works best for you!


That is one of the attractions for me too but I also love the reviews of and extensive background information on albums and artists. I love reading about all sorts of music and even if you don’t agree with the reviews, there is always lots of background info in them.

“Sense” didn’t have this level of information when I purchased Roon but it may have improved since - @mikehughescq - Mike, I have not used Sense for a while so how does this compare now?


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As far as I’m aware both take their artist info. from AllMusic?

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Be aware that not everyone who has tried Roon has found it beneficial or worth its significant cost

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Roon is like marmite, love it hate it! It causes so many conversations with my local dealer, the last conversation was something on the lines of “Did you like the way SACD’s sounded?” his reply was “Yes”, I then pointed out that DSD single rate was used for SACD’s. Since I convert PCM to DSD, using Roon, yes it sounds different, or should that be better?